Transcript – Pit Road: Brad Keselowski – 4/21/24

Q. Bring me through the final lap, the move to get around McDowell, and ultimately the way things played out for you.

BRAD KESELOWSKI: Yeah, just I was getting some great pushes from Noah Gragson. I thought the Fords were working really well together. We cleared the Toyotas there on the bottom lane, and it was pretty clear it was going to come down to the three of us.

I backed up. Noah gave me a great push, and I went to make a move on Michael, and he covered it. I went back the other way, and I got another push from Noah. Just nowhere to go when Michael came back down.

So I hate that for him. He’s a good guy. I hope he’s all right. Just kind of the way this stuff goes, right?

All in all a really solid day for us, for Ford, for Castrol, and another second. It’s a solid day, but not the win we wanted.

Q. How important is this for the team right now to be running well, to get these second place. And turn things around the way you want?

BRAD KESELOWSKI: Good finishes are important, but we want wins. We could really taste it today, but it just didn’t happen.