Transcript – Frontstretch: Tyler Reddick – 4/21/24

Q. Tyler Reddick climbs down the fence, takes the helmet off. You get the first win for Toyota on a superspeedway with this new car, Next Gen car. It’s been a long time. What does this one mean to you, Tyler, winning at Talladega?

TYLER REDDICK: Man, it’s incredible. Everyone on this 45 Toyota Camry worked really hard today. Didn’t really work out in that third stage for us, but we were able to fight and defend our track position.

Was that crazy, guys? Was that crazy, fans, huh? That was chaos. That’s Talladega for you.

Q. Take me through that last couple of moments. You’re up there against the Fords. They get together, and then you’re hammered down. Take me through it.

TYLER REDDICK: Yeah, just got to give a lot of credit to Ty Gibbs and Martin Truex. It was just us Toyotas left, and they pushed me with everything they had. So here’s credit to Martin and Ty. Without those pushes, we don’t win this race.

Q. Congratulations, Michael Jordan is waiting for you.