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Looking to advertise. Speedway Digest receives about 3,400 unique visitors a day on average, 40,000 page views per week, and on average 4.28 page views per visit. is indexed on Google search engine with over 48,000 pages indexed since the site started in December of 2010.

We have several areas to advertise in which you will find below by clicking on the images below to en-large. The Main Page Ad is $35 per Month with a size of 468 x60, and the Article Page Ad is $35 per Month and sized at 300 x 250 or 120/160 x 600. We also have the ability for you or your company to purchase ad impressions per thousand impressions that can run either on the main page or all articles pages with a minimum of 100,000 -150,000 impressions bought. Attached you will also find a download for weekly and quarterly statistics on Contact me through EMAIL.

I can do this month to month, CPM(per 1000 impressions), or if you wish to sponsor the entire category with no other advertisers I can work with you on that also.

Top Banner Ad $55/Mo 768×90(Ad shows on every page) – $0.78 per 1000 impressions, minimum 150,000 impressions

Main Page Ad $35/Mo 468 x 60 or 300 x250 – $0.58 per 1000 impressions, minimum 100,000 impressions

Article Page Ad $35/Mo. 300 x 250 or 120/160 x 600(Ad shows on every article page)$0.99 per 1000 impressions, minimum 150,000 impressions

Link Insertion $200 per article

If you are interested in placement in 2 or more sizes rate decrease of 10% on second size and 15% on third size.

Multiple Month discounts – 3 months 10%, 6 months 15%, 1 year 20%(Not Applicable for full category sponsorship)

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