Black and Decker Returns for Final Plate Race for Ambrose

For the final time this season, Marcos Ambrose will bring the colors of Black and Decker to the track. The brand will sponsor the No. 9 Richard Petty Motorsports (RPM) team in what will be the last plate race for Ambrose.


Ambrose will make his 12th start at NASCAR's largest oval. Ambrose finished fourth in his first start at the track in the Sprint Cup Series, and it remains his only Top-Five and Top-10 finish at Talladega. Earlier this year, Ambrose finished 19th, and in the past three races, he had cars capable of winning if it were not for bad luck.

[email protected] reflects on NASCAR's largest track



@Marcos Ambrose #9 Fan Page talks about winning last plate race with Black and Decker

"There is no other racing like Talladega, there really isn't. Formula One, IndyCar, V8 Super Cars, nobody else really has this enormous oval with high banks like Talladega. It's so popular with the fans because it produces extraordinary racing in packs. You're running at 200 miles-per-hour with 42 other cars inches apart. You just can't find that anywhere else in any form of racing.


"I've enjoyed it, as much as you can. It's nerve-wrecking as a driver, but it's a game of chess on wheels too. You have to put yourself in a good position to avoid big wrecks and also have someone to help you draft to the front. The first part of the race is just surviving to make it to the end. At the end, things change a lot, and you just put yourself in the best spot possible and let the chips fall.


"It's a great race for Black and Decker to support us. I've always felt that RPM has had good speedway cars. We proved that this year with both Aric and I having great runs at Daytona. We've been really fast at Talladega as well the past two and three years. We really have a chance to run up front this weekend. Hopefully things go well, and we'll have a chance to win it."