Toyota Racing – NCS Dover Practice & Qualifying Quotes – Corey Heim – 04.27.24

COREY HEIM, reserve driver, No. 43 Dollar Tree/Petty’s 75th Toyota Camry XSE, LEGACY MOTOR CLUB

Starting position: 32nd

How was your first practice?

“Just so much different. Definitely a lot of fun, a lot of grip. I definitely found my limit there within about 10 laps. I had a pretty big moment in (turns) one and two. I’m just trying to find my limits. With these 20-minute practices, it is pretty tough just to find that limit with the limited amount of time that we have. I’m just super thankful to LEGACY MOTOR CLUB for having me out in these unfortunate circumstances with Erik (Jones). I just want to do the best I can with this 43 group, until he is back home. Certainly, I learned a lot in that 20-minute span, I feel like I would have benefitted from a little bit more practice, but time to make a fast lap.”

How does simulation compare to the real thing?
“It is getting there. I think this race for me, within LEGACY MOTOR CLUB, will be really beneficial for them, so I can have a real feel to compare during the week, going forward. It’s tough to compare virtual to reality, but I feel like we’ve done a good job getting it as close as possible. We need to get the speed a little faster today.”

Now that you’ve made it through practice and qualifying, can you tell us your thoughts?

“I feel like we had a productive practice session here at Dover. I think I definitely warmed up to the car the longer I went. A lot of things connected the way I anticipated them to. It was definitely on the free side during practice, but it was just about getting comfortable and situated in this car. I’m glad to be here, filling in for Erik (Jones) – he seems to be feeling a lot better. Proud to be here with LEGACY MOTOR CLUB and Toyota Racing, and we will try to get better for the race.”

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