Richmond Raceway Beefs Up Partnership with Virginia Beef Council

Richmond Raceway (Richmond) and the Virginia Beef Council (VBC) announce a multifaceted partnership to share awareness and the health benefits of beef at Richmond Raceway Complex events in 2020. As part of the agreement, the VBC will have a presence in the Midway for both NASCAR race weekends, Virginia Credit Union LIVE!, a fall 10K running event, and a dedicated digital campaign for National Beef Month in May.

“We welcome the Virginia Beef Council and their commitment to supporting families who raise cattle in Virginia as a partner at Richmond Raceway,” said Richmond President Dennis Bickmeier. “The organization has a positive impact across the Commonwealth as they raise awareness and share the health benefits of beef. We look forward to working together on events at the Richmond Raceway Complex this year.”

The VBC was founded in 1985 with the mission to enhance consumer preference for beef to strengthen Virginia families. By enhancing consumer preference for beef, the VBC keeps beef demand high which helps families who raise cattle in the state. Through their efforts, they strengthen beef-eating Virginia families by providing a delicious, nutrient-dense protein. The VBC is dedicated to the power of choice as the public selects their favorite lean protein as part of their regular diet.

“The Virginia Beef Council, representing all cattle producers in Virginia, is excited to partner with Richmond Raceway and inspire their diverse fan base, event participants and digital media followers to think of beef in new ways as a wholesome food and important industry,” states Hank Maxey, Virginia cattle producer and chair of Virginia Beef Council. “This partnership will allow the Virginia Beef Council to communicate with urban consumers about how safe, nutritious, sustainable and convenient beef is. We hope they consider adding it to the top of their list in protein choices for their family.”

The VBC is funded through the Beef Checkoff program, which is made up of the cattlemen and women of Virginia. The Commonwealth boasts over 18,000 farms who have beef cattle. 91% of these cattle are raised on family farms with less than 99 head of cattle. Virginia cattle producers care about the quality of food they provide for their families table as well as the world. Virginia cattle producers work hard to provide safe, sustainable, and nutritious beef. Consumers can have confidence in any cut of beef they choose at the meat counter whether it is organic, conventional or grass fed.

The Beef. It’s What’s for Dinner national campaign will have a presence across the Richmond Raceway Complex for 2020 events. The VBC will be the presenting sponsor for the entertainment stage in the Midway for the Toyota Spring Race Weekend on April 18-19 and NASCAR Playoff Race Weekend on Sept. 11-12.

The VBC will be the naming rights sponsor of the lawn at the Virginia Credit Union LIVE! that is available for general admission to concerts. The location has become a popular area for concert goers to congregate and socialize. The branding for the section will be introduced prior to the start of the Virginia Lottery Concert Series at Virginia Credit Union LIVE!.

As the VBC encourages consumption of beef as part of a healthy diet, the organization will sponsor a fall 10K running event at Richmond. The running event date, along with race name and branding, will be announced at a later date.

In May, Richmond and the VBC will launch a digital campaign to support National Beef Month. It will highlight the health benefits of beef through recipes, food safety, and other content associated with the Beef. It’s What’s for Dinner national campaign.

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