Jancic’s 1968 Dodge Charger Claims Best of Show at Pennzoil AutoFair

John Jancic, a native of Cleveland, North Carolina, is no stranger to winning trophies at Charlotte Motor Speedway’s Pennzoil AutoFair. Jancic added to a growing collection of accolades on Saturday when his red 1968 Dodge Charger claimed Walt Hollifield Best of Show honors.

Jancic, a Pennzoil AutoFair veteran of 15 years, purchased the vehicle two years ago when the car’s previous owner was ready to part ways with the classic muscle car.

Winning the Walt Hollifield Best of Show trophy came as a surprise to Jancic.

“I’m shocked to win,” Jancic said. “For a car to be this original is pretty rare. It’s very stock. It’s on its second vinyl top and everything in the trunk and under the hood is original. It’s a one-repaint kind of car.”

Jancic’s most recent Pennzoil AutoFair Best of Show award came in April 2016 with a blue B5 1970 Plymouth AAR Barracuda.

The Best of Show award was named for Charlotte-area car expert Walt Hollifield, who has been a valuable part of AutoFair for 40 years. Hollifield presented his eponymous award to Jancic in winner’s circle.

Three days of family-friendly fun and glistening cars throughout Charlotte’s 1.5-mile superspeedway also included drift car rides, a gigantic auto parts flea market extravaganza, appearances featuring American Ninja Warrior contestant Logan Broadbent and displays saluting iconic movie cars like the world-famous Ford Mustang from the 1968 Steve McQueen movie “Bullitt.”

On Saturday, judges presented additional awards to:

  • Best of Show Runner-up: Tina Borgue’s red 1969 Buick Roadster
  • Best of Show Second Runner-up: Steve Jacobs’ nardo gray 2018 Chevrolet ZL1
  • Most Original Award: Brian Swift’s 1966 arcadian blue Ford Galaxie
  • Ladies’ Choice Award: David Hammond’s 1972 green Chevrolet Nova
  • Most Creative Award: Davie County High School’s 1986 rust Dodge B150
  • Best Restoration Award: Ray Chisholm’s 1967 beige and white Ford F-100
  • Best Foreign Award: Dale Jaacks’ 1968 red and black Opel Kadett Wagon
  • Sam Bass Award (Best Paint): Bruce Stroncek’s 1969 black Chevrolet Camaro

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