CTS: Late race tire issue propels Kyle Busch to victory in Fr8 208 at Atlanta Motor Speedway

While Daniel Dye would win the pole to start from the front it wouldn’t take long for a seesaw of trucks to pass him on the first lap handing the early lead over to Ankrum and Majeski would work with each other before Kyle Busch would take the lead with no help.

Busch would maintain the lead before Ankrum and Eckes would pair together pushing the No. 7 truck of Busch out of the draft. Busch would finally get back in line just as the field would begin to work around Keith McGee who lost the pack early going a lap down.

As the field would snake their way around McGee just as the No. 22 truck would break loose off turns three and four to bring out the first caution of the day.

When the green flag would come back out with nine to go in the stage, Eckes would take the lead once again but almost immediately report to the team the truck had no brakes. Eckes would continue to lead through the remaining laps of the first stage to take the stage win over Ankrum, Riggs, Enfinger and Majeski rounding out the top-five finishers in the stage.

Under the caution Eckes would come to pit road rolling past his box trying to make it before having to bail and head back out forcing the team to make a second attempt at getting into his box, this time driving well under the pit road speed limit making it to his box as the team would grab the truck and physically slow and stop the truck.

Caution would once again be displayed for the third time of the day when Moffitt would get into the wall off turn three also involving Layne Riggs. But problems would persist for Eckes who would once again attempt to make it to his box before totally missing it and having to head back out on track.

As Eckes would make it back out on track to make yet another attempt to get to his box NASCAR would send the No. 19 to the garage to fix the problem but also calling the crew chief and driver to the hauler following the race.

After failing to fix the problem on the No. 19 truck behind the wall the team would take the truck to the garage ending Eckes day completing just 50 laps to finish in 33rd place after winning the first stage of the day.

Stage two would come to an end when Jack Wood would attempt to jump back in line to cut short getting spun to the infield and through the grass. Wood’s No. 91 truck would sustain heavy front-end damage to end his day.

Kyle Busch would take the stage two win under caution over Ankrum, Enfinger, Gray and Heim.

The sixth caution of the day would come out when the roof on the No. 41 truck of Curry would fly off the top leaving the entire cockpit exposed and the roof laying on the track.

As laps would begin to wind down, Enfinger would take control of the freight train with Busch and Majeski in tow. Ben Rhodes along with Crafton would both attempt to get a second line working unsuccessfully before Rhodes would make gains one truck at the time.

However, Rhodes surge would be short lived as the No. 99 would get into the wall forcing them to pit road to make repairs to the truck.

Meanwhile, up front Enfinger would continue to lead the way as they would begin to run down lapped down trucks when a tire issue would strike on the No. 9 machine causing Busch to get into the back of the slowing truck then allowing the No. 7 machine to make the pass for the lead.

Majeski would then set his sights on Busch trying to run down the leader and make the pass but without any help as Busch would take home the win in a truck for a team, he sold his own truck team to. Majeski, Heim, Tay. Gray, and Sanchez would round out the top-five.

Following the inspection process, Front Row Motorsports No. 38 truck was found once again to have the windshield fasteners not tightened, the second time it happened in the last handful of races going back to Homestead last year.

The NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series now moves onto Las Vegas Motor Speedway next Friday night, March 1st at 9:00 p.m. ET on FS1.

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