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Why NASCAR Became a Hobby for So Many Students

Why NASCAR Became a Hobby for So Many Students NK Photography Photo

NASCAR is a well-loved motorsports organization. It is so famous that its name became a synonym for stock car racing. It has been a hobby and passion for people worldwide, not only in the USA. Lately, its popularity among college students has also grown. Why do students love NASCAR, and what opportunities does it hold?


Watching NASCAR races as a hobby is accessible to all types of people. Enjoying motorsports doesn’t always require much time, which is crucial for college goers.

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NASCAR events are accessible because they are easy to get in and fun to follow. Also, watching motorsports is

  • Entertaining;
  • Thrilling;
  • Educational;
  • Social;

It is a hobby one can enjoy alone, with friends, or family. It has something for every age group.


Some people might not realize how much STEM and NASCAR have in common. It is also one of the primary reasons why it grows in popularity in Silicon Valley.

There are three subjects crucial both for STEM and NASCAR:

  • Mathematics;
  • Physics;

Mathematics is vital for car racing. It is all about applying its principles to find the leverage or advantage that will bring you to the finish first. Math is everywhere, from the car’s design and manufacturing to its performance under different conditions.

The same goes for Physics. Its laws impact the car shapes directly. Also, it is essential for understanding racing conditions and potential advantages. The three D’s of motorsports (downforce, drag, and drafting) are taken directly from Physics.

And, of course, Engineering majors might be interested in how cars are built and what engines and materials are used. The scientific side of racing makes it even more exciting for students who can apply their knowledge or try to predict outcomes.

Some might even use their passion for college. A student can think, “I will write my research paper on NASCAR car aerodynamics,” and turn it into a fruitful project.


Internship and Employment Opportunities

Those passionate about motorsports also appreciate the opportunities NASCAR gives young adults in terms of educational programs, internships, and future employment.

It can start as a hobby and turn into a career, which is fantastic. It motivates students to be more involved and think creatively.

Here are some of the most exciting opportunities to pursue:

  • NASCAR corporate internship program that takes place in summer and lasts for ten weeks. It is available for students interested in Marketing, HR, Sales, and Management;
  • Hendrick Motorsports internship program allows interns to work on real-life projects and get first-hand experience in racing. It involves positions in PR, Marketing, Operations, and Competition. It is an outstanding program to work with a racing team and be a part of its success;
  • The NASCAR internship program is an excellent choice for people looking for future employment in Communications, Event Management, Marketing, or Operations. Likewise, the previous one gives students access to real-life events where they can be contributors;
  • Team Penske internship program is a wonderful choice for future engineers, operation managers, or PR specialists. Primarily, it focuses on the technical side of the racing. Interns get to work with experienced mechanics and engineers and learn from their expertise;
  • RCR internship program offers positions in the technical side and administration. Inters also get to work with the team on various steps of preparation, from vehicle optimization to a racing strategy;
  • The Stewart-Haas Racing internship is another excellent internship for students to apply. It gives first-hand experience in the industry with a multitude of positions.

Another critical program to mention is the NASCAR Diversity Internship. It welcomes students for paid internships during summers. If you want to work in motorsport in the future, it is the one to try.

Also, students can become media members and publish articles on racing events and their experiences. Those who love writing or want to be journalists can submit their works and get a chance to publish them on Overall, the organization delivers versatile opportunities to young adults to work on their passion and chase their dreams.

Student Drivers

As of lately, more student drivers have entered the motorsports events. Ryan Newman was the first one to compete in the Sprint Cup. Besides him, some more upcoming drivers combine professional sports with higher education.

So those who dream of speed and tracks have more chances to get in. Of course, it is a tough combo to pull, but you can opt for a “write my paper online for me” service whenever you need to focus on sports while keeping up with your studies.

In Summary

NASCAR events are thrilling and breath-taking. They are accessible to a wide range of audiences and offer unique experiences. Besides that, there is a scientific aspect to racing success. It makes this hobby so popular among college students.

At the same time, this passion comes with plenty of internships and potential employment opportunities. So, it might be the right time if you want to get into it. And if you ask, “Well, who will write my paper for me?” - remember that professional academic writing platforms are always a click away.


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