Transcript: Ross Chastain – Pit Road Interview – Las Vegas Motor Speedway

Q. Ross, take me through the last couple laps, the blocks. Was there anything you would have wanted to have done different?

ROSS CHASTAIN: No, for our Tootsie’s Chevy, that was all we had. There was a clear difference in tires there, so we fully believed that we could hold him off and win the race on the tires we had, and Joey did a good job of getting through the field. At the end there, I hope I’m racing that guy for a really long time, and for our Tootsie’s Chevy and everybody at Jockey and Worldwide Express, Advent Health and the Moose, like we’ve been saying all year, this is the arrival of Trackhouse, and I wouldn’t want to be doing it with anybody else.

Q. Take me through those last couple laps, the decision making. What are you looking at when you’re making those moves and trying to hold him off? Are you looking at the camera, the mirror? How are you making those moves to use your air to block him off there in the corners?

ROSS CHASTAIN: Yeah, I don’t know. Just instinct takes over and it’s all camera based. Mike Reynolds is up in my ear from the top and just giving me information and coaching me, but I’m the one making my decisions and my moves.

You know, I’m sure I can go back and find a few things, and to run the top there and let him get inside of me, I thought I had one more corner to do that, and he just got positioned on me there on the frontstretch, and we were just really tight.