Transcript: Joey Logano – Frontstretch Interview – Las Vegas Motor Speedway

Q. Few are better than Joey Logano. Add fresh Goodyear tires and that call by Paul Wolfe, and he delivers. For a fifth time, Joey Logano will race for a championship in his career, but he had to earn it today, had to come with those fresh tires.

Joey, how about that call by Paul Wolfe there to put on those fresh Goodyears after the rough pit stop that actually worked out really well for you guys?

JOEY LOGANO: We’re racing for a championship! Let’s go!

Man, what a great car. Penske cars were all fast. All of them were really fast today. Oh, man, all you want to do is get to the Championship 4 when the season starts and race for a championship, and we’ve got the team to do it. I don’t see why we can’t win at this point.

Things are looking really good for us, awesome Pennzoil Mustang, this bad boy, and man, just a lot of adversity fought through the last 50 laps or so. I thought we were going to win and then we kind of fell out and then had the tires, and racing Ross was fun. He was doing a good job air blocking me, and just trying to be patient, and eventually I was like, I’ve got to go here. Just great to win out here in Vegas again, and it means so much getting to the championship.