Sunday, Feb 05

Transcript: Christopher Bell - Frontstretch Interview - Charlotte Motor Speedway

  1. Christopher Bell told his team we live on. Sixth walk-off win in NASCAR Playoff history. Man, you were seventh before that final caution there, Christopher. At what point did you think, man, we might be able to get this thing done?

CHRISTOPHER BELL: Oh, man, I don't even know. Whenever I came off pit road and I was the first car with tires, I was just trying to wait and see where I stacked up.

I saw there were 11 cars that stayed out on old tires, I was the first one on new tires. I said, I guess we're going to roll the dice here and see what happens.

When I got into turn one, my spotter did an amazing job. They all started wrecking. He told me to stay tight to the middle, and that kept me out of all the junk in turn one.

Really proud of everyone on this DeWalt team. They deserve it, man. We've been trying so hard to get DeWalt in Victory Lane. We finally got this Camry here.

  1. Adam Stevens mentioned we're not going to quit. What does this say about not giving up?

CHRISTOPHER BELL: Man, you just got to be there at the end of these things. I keep watching all these races where the fastest car doesn't always win. No secret that road courses have not been our strength year. We were just there at the right time. We obviously weren't in position to win, we rolled the dice, gambled, it paid off for us.

  1. You were the best team in the first round. In the second round you get an epic win to advance to the Round of 8. How dangerous can this team be?

CHRISTOPHER BELL: I feel really good about it, that's for sure. I knew that the whole time going into this second round of the Playoffs this was the troublemaker, with Talladega and then the road course being in here, when we weren't strong on the road courses. I was really nervous about this round.

I felt good about Texas. When we got out of there with no points, I thought it was going to be a really tough road. It was a really tough road. But there was an end to it.



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