Transcript: Chase Briscoe – Pit Road Interview – Charlotte Motor Speedway

Q. Chase, you finished 90, but just enough. Can you tell us, how do you even process this, do what you got to do, find your way to the Playoffs?

CHASE BRISCOE: Yeah, man, what a wild day. I told my guys before we took the initial green in the race, there’s a difference between thinking we could move on and knowing we could move on. This team never gives up. I told them I was never going to give up.

It took every bit of it there at the end. To be easily in, then that debris caution comes out. Still, I thought we had a really good shot of making it in. Get wrecked on the backstretch. Crazy at the end of these races, especially the road course race, how much can change so quickly.

I had no idea we were even going to have a shot. Truthfully I knew we were probably out. I saw the 2 wreck, I thought maybe there’s still a chance. We had so much fresher tires than anybody. Johnny pumped them way up to qualifying pressures, let me go attack, have the ball in my hands.

Super proud of this race team. Pretty cool day for Ford Performance Racing. It’s cool. They’re based right here at Charlotte Motor Speedway at their oval. So got a lot of laps around this place in those cars. Yeah, a really cool day.

Looking forward to the Round of 8. A lot of really, really good racetracks for me. If we can get to Phoenix, we know we got a good car there, too.

Just overall awesome day, proud of my team. Move on.

Q. Not bad for you on this type of track?

CHASE BRISCOE: It’s weird. Seems like dirt guys, especially sprint car guys, Tony Stewart, Jeff Gordon, Bell, you’re slipping and sliding so much. You have more power than you can typically put down. It’s similar to a sprint car. The sprint car background definitely helps when you come to a place like this. Cool to see a sprint car guy win and another one move on in the playoffs.