Transcript: Cole Custer – Victory Lane – Phoenix Raceway

Q. What did you prove about yourself tonight?

COLE CUSTER: I feel like with this team, we can do anything. It’s all these guys here that brought such a fast race car and I just can’t thank Gene Haas, Tony Stewart, everybody at SHR, Ford Performance, what an awesome car here today. We made it exciting there at the end.

But the car was as fast as Xfinity 10G internet. It was just amazing that we were able to make it there, and I can’t thank everybody enough for believing in me.

Q. What does it mean to bring this championship to that boss man, Gene Haas, and also Tony Stewart?

COLE CUSTER: I mean, it’s huge. Gene supported me so much throughout the years and I would not be at all where I’m at without him, so I can’t thank him enough for all the opportunities he’s given me. I’ve been very fortunate to have these opportunities.

Tony Stewart, who better to have as a boss, somebody you can really ask questions to and just understands everything. I feel like it’s just a very proud moment bringing it home.

Q. Your dad Joe has been there every step of the way your entire career. How much of your story getting to this point is about family?

COLE CUSTER: Oh, it’s huge. He’s been there since the start, obviously. But I started racing quarter midgets when I was five years old and I wouldn’t be here without him. Everything he’s put into it, all the long hours thinking of things to do, I wouldn’t be here without my family and everybody supporting me.

Q. When they asked you who do you want to crew chief this team, you picked Jonathan Toney. How has he changed your trajectory?

COLE CUSTER: He’s somebody that just believes in you. He’s the definition of just the best person in the world, honestly. When you talk to J.T., it’s like I want to work with that guy. I feel like I can’t thank him enough, how much he’s believed in me. The 10,000 questions I’ve asked him throughout the year, and he’s sat down and answered every single one. He’s just really been a huge part of this team and building this forward.