JDM – Tales of Talladega

JDM drivers leave Talladega with very mixed emotions. Both cars had the speed, but unfortunately after losing the draft they were unable to bring home the finishes they wanted.

Ryan Vargas, driver of the No.6 r/NASCAR Reddit Chevrolet, started 10th after making it to the final round of qualifying. He has made every qualifying round for superspeedways this year. Vargas ran 12 laps in the top 5. While on a green flag pit stop, Vargas lost the draft and went a lap down with not a lot of cautions to get the lap back. “Our r/NASCAR Chevrolet was really fast, we had the speed to contend, unfortunately I let myself make a mistake that we couldn’t really surpass. I know Bayley (Currey) and I were in the same boat; we made the same mistake together. It’s just the product of this type of racing and doing green flag stops for the first time”, said Vargas. He finished P30.

Bayley Currey, driver of the No.4 Alka-Seltzer Chevrolet, led 12 laps in his Terry Labonte throwback Alka-Seltzer car. After pitting with Vargas and going a lap down, Currey fell to the back of the lead pack, picking up the tail end of the draft. He maintained a lucky dog position but with little cautions, couldn’t get back to P1. “I want to say thank you to JD Motorsports for bringing me a good Alka-Seltzer No.4. The “Texas Terry” throwback scheme looked great, everyone at the racetrack seemed to like it. Unfortunately, I made a mistake on the green flag stop but was able to catch the draft from the lead pack and pick a few guys off to finish 24th. Not the best, not the worst but the car is in one piece which is all you can really ask for at these superspeedways”. Said Currey.

JDM heads to Charlotte Motor Speedway Roval for the Drive for the Cure 250.