Bobby Earnhardt Teams with Hyatt Life Sciences Kansas

Bobby Earnhardt recently announced his return to the NASCAR Xfinity Series with a four-race run to close out the 2019 season. The eldest grandson of Dale Earnhardt Sr noted that “big news” was coming but he could not elaborate. Now he can! Hyatt Life Sciences has been announced as the sponsor for Bobby’s No. 66 Toyota for MBM Motorsports. “I’m very excited to break this news,” Earnhardt said. “Hyatt Life Sciences is jumping on board and they are such an amazing company and their products are really impressive! I’m proud to have such an innovative group partnering with me.”

Hyatt Life Sciences, located in Sterling, Kansas, continually searches for unique botanical entities and combinations that have been used traditionally in their countries of origin for hundreds of years. Scientists at Hyatt Life Sciences research, test, and evaluate each herb, root, and component to discover the scientific reason for the ingredient’s benefit. The result, dietary supplements made from ingredients that have been thoroughly researched for benefit, safety, and purity.

“Hyatt Life Sciences is a perfect fit for us,” said Earnhardt. “We both have a hardworking work ethic. They put in hard work, lots of research, and dedication to helping people with their health goals. But another thing I love is their vibrant user network. Their facebook page is loaded with users sharing information on how their supplements have helped with health needs.”

With the addition of Hyatt Life Sciences as a sponsor, Earnhardt will be in a better position to make the Kansas Lottery 300 the start of his four-race run. The driver of the No. 66 says everyone, every business, that comes on board plays an important role. According to Earnhardt, both partners are growing. He says his team is working to add races while Hyatt Life Sciences is building its dealer network beyond their online sales at

“We are working hard to expand and grow. Every sponsor that helps is appreciated. I can’t state that enough. From Hyatt Life Sciences to CIA – Copeland Insurance Agency, and HABCO, and all of the mom-and-pop small biz sponsors. Every penny helps with expenses from travel and lodging to the cost of tires during a race weekend.”

The 1.5-mile speedway at Kansas will be followed by Earnhardt taking to the track in the Xfinity Series at Texas, Phoenix, and wrapping up at Miami – Homestead for the end of the season. The goal for Earnhardt is to be competitive, race hard, and return in 2020 for the entire Xfinity season.

“It’s always a goal to keep adding races! Hopefully, I can show enough people, enough sponsors, that I’m worth partnering with. People may think the last name means tons of free help. But I’m a firm believer in climbing the NASCAR ladder one rung at a time. That’s the way my grandfather and great grandfather did it – so can I.”

Once again, Earnhardt noted some additional big news is coming soon but could not elaborate.

“I really wish I could say more,” Earnhardt said. “But we still have to line some things up. All I can say is that I may have some additional help coming to my crew. That’s all I can say until everything comes together.”