How Do You Police Bump Drafting Vs. Tandem Drafting?

With all the rumors we keep hearing about changes coming to the sport prior to Daytona, NASCAR announced it was banning the tandem draft from the Camping World and Nationwide series. While this created some exciting duels, it also created some nasty accidents, especially near the end of the race.

How in the world NASCAR plans on policing this form of racing is beyond me. They will have to come out with some very clear directives on what constitutes bump drafting and what is tandem drafting. And what do you do if the lead group suddenly breaks up into a couple of lines and cars get a little but stretched out in two car groups? The onus really appears to be on the trailing car to make that determination. Are we now asking the drivers to back off the throttle if they happen to get separation in a tandem? How will that work with one car slowing while the pack is coming on at full speed? That sounds like the recipe for a wreck if you ask me.

I am sure NASCAR will come out with some directive in the weeks to come, but this seems awfully tough to police and potentially dangerous.

Racing is getting closer and closer to reality.

After a rainout of the first day of testing at Daytona, the Cup cars returned to the track and RCR claimed the fastest speeds of the day. Austin Dillon put down the fastest lap in his new 3 car. Seeing the 3 at the top of the speed charts is not an unusual sight and it a sight for sore eyes, that is for sure.

What is a bit unusual is to see all three RCR cars topping the speed charts. RCR has not been known for its speed as of late, so I am sure they are thrilled with what they saw. And before anyone gets too excited, this was testing. What happens between now and the 500 has little to do with what you can expect during the race.

But you should also note that Danica Patrick was in the top 10 for speed as well.

While Jr. Nation is excited to see what this year brings, they can’t be too excited about the news that Steve Letarte will be leaving as crew chief at the end of this year. As fragile an ego as their favorite driver has had in the past, this could take a lot of the air out of the balloon for 88 fans. Earnhardt enjoyed his best crew chief/driver relationships in years with Letarte and while he is nervous, he is putting his faith in Rick Hendrick to make the right choice for him going forward. The last thing Earnhardt needs is a reset of his team and career before he can effectively challenge for a title. Time is running out for that.

Speaking of Earnhardt Nation, the name Earnhardt is no longer associated with the team that the late Dale Earnhardt created. Earnhardt Ganassi is now Chip Ganassi Racing (with Felix Sabates). This was truly a venture in the making since Chip bought into the company ever since Jr. was unable to come to terms with Teresa on ownership before he left the company. What reason did Teresa Earnhardt have to stay in the business? None. She can protect her late husband’s legacy with the Earnhardt Foundation and managing his copyrighted likeness and die cast empire.

Welcome back race fans!

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