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Rookie Year Not A Good One For Pastrana, Yesterday Proved That

Sunday, Nov 03 2880

Travis Pastrana hasn’t been living up to expectations through his NNS (NASCAR Nationwide Series) rookie season. Yesterday, Pastrana ended up tearing up yet another racecar and this time it was truly the 30-year-olds lack of patience.

Throughout the O’Reilly Auto Parts Challenge yesterday drivers were complaining of the car being to free off of the corners, Pastrana as well. Coming out of turn two during yesterday’s event Travis approached a lap car on the high side and ended up checking up to avoid the lap car. Avoiding the slower car wasn’t Pastrana’s issue as he pressed on the brakes and the rear wheel locked up forcing the No. 60 out of control, and eventually in the inside wall.

The No. 60 Ford has now suffered its 6th DNF on the season with Pastrana behind the wheel. Maturity does come in time, but can Roush Fenway continue to support Pastrana’s torn up racecars?

Roush Fenway has already expressed they’re trying to develop young talent to step up to a 4th NSCS car. Although, Chris Buescher and Ryan Reed were the names they threw around, not Pastrana. 2014 could be the deciding factor in whether Pastrana will be a star in NASCAR or a dud. 

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