Resilient in Richmond

Martin and the crew of the No.44 American Custom Yachts Toyota Camry team traveled to Richmond, VA for Martin’s first NASCAR Nationwide Series debut at Richmond International Raceway. Despite difficult handling characteristics both in testing and during the race, Martin and crew under the masterful direction of crew-chief Greg Conner were able to take home a top 25 finish. 
Hal Martin on Richmond International Raceway


This was your first time competing at Richmond International Raceway, how was it?
Martin stated, “I was looking forward to race on another short track and Richmond International Raceway did not disappoint. I felt like I was going back to my roots of short-track racing. I enjoyed the challenge of trying to put the power down coming off the corners as the banking drops off. There is really nothing like racing on a high-speed short track.” 
This week you made an appearance at the Toyota Drive Center, how was it? 
“This week, I had the opportunity to take fans around for a ride on a specially built dirt road course in a 2013 Toyota Tundra CrewMax” Martin recalled, “I really enjoyed it because I just bought myself a 2013 Tundra last week, it was nice to be able to see what the truck can do in a safe, controlled environment. I also really enjoyed interacting with the fans, they’re awesome.”
You mentioned your car was being “difficult” can you elaborate further?
Martin stated, “This week was unique because we were practicing during one set of conditions and racing during another. The temperature and amount of sunlight the track encounters all play a part in how the car will handle just as much as any adjustments made to the car. This week, our car was tight in the middle of the corners and then would snap loose exiting the corners which made the car difficult to drive. Despite the best efforts of my crew and all the changes made, the car was still not driving the way I needed it to be. Sometimes, cars can just be temperamental.”
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