Bring-A-Kid Program Celebrates 25 years at Darlington Raceway

Tommy DeWitt didn’t quite know what he was getting himself into 25 years ago when he walked into the office of Red Tyler, then Darlington Raceway President, with a bold idea. DeWitt, who counted the track as a client of his pest control business, had an idea to fill the stands during the track’s NASCAR Nationwide Series events.

The idea: offer Nationwide race tickets and Christian fellowship to families through Darlington Raceway Ministries and the Welsh Neck Baptist Association. Tyler’s response was immediate, “Let’s do it.”

The program began small and grew, quickly. Managed by Tommy and his wife Linda since its inception in 1987, Bring-A-Kid has brought over 150,000 youths to Darlington Raceway for fellowship and racing. Each package includes a Nationwide Series race ticket, hot-dog, soda and a Christian themed program prior to the race.

“Bring-A-Kid has grown to levels we could never have imagined back in 1987,” said Linda Dewitt. “Tommy and I love being a part of this program and enjoy being a part of the kid’s lives at Darlington Raceway.”

“Tommy and Linda have poured so much of their heart and souls into this program at Darlington Raceway,” said track President, Chris Browning. “Each year when they call to place their ticket order we are amazed at the number of youth they are bringing to the track.”

The DeWitts will be honored during the pre-race ceremonies of the upcoming Royal Purple 200 at Darlington Raceway.

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