Awful Night Returns to Cook Out Summer Shootout With an Awful Lot of Racing, Family Fun

An awfully rousing night of racing is ahead with a double-feature of awe-inspiring prizes, dreadfully amazing costumes, but always exceptional racing at Charlotte Motor Speedway on Tuesday, June 27. Fans are invited out for can’t-miss “celebrity” autographs, a not-so-new-car giveaway, unusual games and debatably stunning prizes.

Surprise surprise, Karens and Richards, this night is for you! Fans with the often-mocked names will finally reap the benefits of their internet infamy with FREE entry at the gate.

So dress your worst, fill your snack sack with brussel sprouts, blue cheese and raisins and head on out to America’s Home for Racing on June 27 for an awfully fascinating night of Legend Car, Bandolero competition and top it off with a… shocking “firework show.”


For the past 11 years, Pineville, N.C. native Daniel Wilk has provided some awfully tough competition at the Cook Out Summer Shootout, racing his way from Bandoleros to Legend Cars while picking up an awful lot of trophies along the way.

Success at Charlotte Motor Speedway is nothing new for Wilk. In 2015, he swept the competition in both the Winter Heat and Summer Shootout in the Bandolero Bandit division. He looks to repeat his triumph this summer after already starting the 2023 season dominating the road course during Winter Heats in the U.S. Legend Cars Pro division.

The 19-year-old will look to take the checkered flag and follow in the steps of his role model – another awfully good driver with an awfully good record at Charlotte Motor Speedway – seven-time NASCAR Cup Series Champion and eight-time Charlotte Motor Speedway winner, Jimmie Johnson.

“Jimmie is a class-act veteran driver who knows how to be patient and make the right moves both on and off the track,” Wilk said. “It’s really cool knowing that I’m racing at Charlotte Motor Speedway just like Jimmie does.”

For this summer series, Wilk plans “to enjoy (racing) and have fun” while doing what he loves most as he chases the highly sought-after Cook Out Summer Shootout Championship belt.

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