North Wilkesboro Speedway Executive Director updates fans on the 2023 All Star Race

On Friday afternoon Jessica Fickenscher the Executive Director for the 2023 All Star Race at North Wilkesboro took to SiriusXM Radio during track presidents day segments to update fans on progress at the track.

For weeks fans have taken to social media to watch the progress at the track as construction and renovations have taken place. Much of the facility according to Fickenscher will remain the same as a “restomod” as Marcus Smith of Speedway Motorsports has said in the past of the updates being made at the track.

For years the track has sat since 1996 and in need of major updates. Of which are buildings that have fallen in but also updates to buildings that were salvageable. Fickenscher noted that electrical and water updates are being made to the facility in order to support the upcoming race and they are on track at this moment to meet the deadline.

Just last week chief engineer Steve Swift noted on the question of SAFER that it would be delivered in the coming weeks and ready for installation in about a month. Lights are currently going into place in the infield to support the night races that will take place in May.

Logistics has been a major part of this process as the last events held there were backed up for hours with people getting both into and out of the track forcing track promoters to hold the race to allow fans sitting to get into the parking lots and into the track.

This time however will be different with Speedway Motorsports working with the Towns of North Wilkesboro and Wilkesboro on remote parking and shuttle plans.

“We have been working with a remote parking and shuttle plan with the towns and county. They have absolutely been great to work with in the support they have given us.” Said Fickenscher

“Transportation, parking and shuttle plans to be announced soon.” Continued Fickenscher

On the minds of fans who missed out on the chance for tickets will have another opportunity but limited to only single day tickets for Friday practice sessions and Saturday’s Craftsman Truck Series events when tickets go on sale on February 22nd. Both days are scheduled to also include concerts from acts that have yet to be announced.

Finally, with millions being poured into the track by grant funds and Speedway Motorsports, the future of the track in the coming years seems to be secured. Late last year additional funding was added to the track with the promise the additional events would be held over the next five years.

“North Wilkesboro Speedway definitely has a future. The community has been amazing , we definitely want to bring racing back there and we have been putting a lot of work into it. It’s not going to be a one off for sure.