Test and Tune will be Mahoning Month of Speed for Modifieds, Street Stocks and Hobby Stocks

Mahoning Valley Speedway’s Test and Tune that runs on March 14, 21 & 28 will not only afford racers of the popular paved ¼-mile oval the opportunity to shake down their mounts in advance of the April 4 Opening Day, additionally there is an incentive factor as well.

With the launch of the Mahoning Valley Speedway Hall of Fame Series (MVSHoFS) and the season opener being race #1 of the unique five event series, drivers from the Modified, Street Stock and Hobby Stock classes, whom will be comprising the Series, will use the Test and Tune days to assure one select driver from each of the aforementioned classes a guaranteed pick for the feature redraw.

Across all three Test and Tune days the overall fastest car will be awarded the ‘pick spot.’ Come Opening Night those quick lap winners will have the bonus of not having to run in heats.

“We like to think of this as the “Mahoning Month of Speed,” said track promoter Keith Hoffman.

“The Hall of Fame Series is going to be well attended, especially with the first event on Opening Day so this is a great incentive and give fans an early indication of just who will be the cars to beat.”

For the Modifieds the MVSHoFS will all be extra distance/high dollar features and focused on a select group of Hall of Fame drivers and their signature car numbers.

Race number one honors Doug Hoffman and his No. 60. Thus the feature will be 60 laps and pay $2000-to-win. There is also a $1000 gamblers fee sponsored by Gambler Transportation of Whitehall. If a driver takes the gamble then he or she will be paid the $1000 dividend. 10th place pays $500.

Next will be a 77-lapper paying tribute to John ‘Peepers’ Yerger. That will be followed by an 81-lap affair which belongs to the celebrated George Wambold. The next feature will be 85 laps, the number made famous by Marvin Bartholomew and finally a 99-lapper that is associated with Hal Renninger, closes out the series on October 3.

The finale is also the closing point race of the season for the Race of Champions (RoC) Tour for the Modifieds which follows that tour’s annual Race of Champions Modified 250 at Lake Erie Speedway, thus making the Mahoning stop a hothouse for Modifieds.

The night prior, on Friday, October 2, timed dashes will be run for Modifieds, Street Stocks and Hobby Stocks that will lock in select starters for the next day’s features.

Throughout the MVSHoFS points will be kept plus each driver will be given 50-showup points that will be applied to their regular season tally. Also, a driver must drop their worst finish after the fourth race of the Series in order to keep the points exciting leading into the fifth and concluding event.

There is a point fund for the Series. Drivers must race in all five shows in order to be eligible for the point payout.

The point fund breakdown is as follows: $1500, $1000 and $500 to the top three in Modifieds. $1000, $600 and $400 for the Street Stocks and $500, $300 and $200 for the Hobby Stocks. The entry fee is $25, $20 and $15 for the Modifieds, Street Stocks and Hobby Stocks respectively.

For Test and Tune all classes, both track and traveling, are welcome to partake.

On Saturday, March 14 pit gates open at 10:00 a.m. Car inspections begin at 10:15 a.m. There will be a drivers meeting at 11:30 a.m. Practice begins at noon.

Pits are $10 per person and $25 per car. Transponder fee is $6. Grandstands are free to the public.

Please log onto the official Mahoning Valley Speedway website at www.mahoningvalley-speedway.com or on Facebook at Mahoning Valley Speedway for updated info and news. Mahoning Valley Speedway is located on PA route 443 just a few miles west of Lehighton.