Myers and Civali Grab Season-Changing Wins at Bowman Gray

Sometimes, Victory Lane can be fickle at Bowman Gray Stadium. A race team may work tirelessly and not be rewarded with the checkered. But then suddenly luck can change, giving teams a boost of morale and much needed momentum as the season rages on.

Jason Myers of Walnut Cove certainly started off his 2017 with a continued streak of bad fortune. “We’ve been struggling this year, but it’s not from a lack of hard work. My guys have been killing themselves,” said Myers. “We just keep running into problems: motor issues, alternator issues, battery issues – it’s just one thing after another.”

“But we made some adjustments last week that really got the car good – then we had some motor issues. I think we got all that straightened out, and tonight we got a good lap qualifying,” said Myers.

The #4 car of Jason Myers qualified on the pole and grabbed the lead on the initial start with Brandon Ward of Winston-Salem on the outside. Then, Myers held off Tim Brown of Tobaccoville to take the checkered in the first 25-lapper for the Brad’s Golf Cars Modified Series. “Those 25-lappers are all about the first start and running hard for 25 laps,” said Myers.

It was the first win of the season and a much needed change for Myers and crew. “I tell you we really needed this win tonight big time,” said Myers, who hopes to keep up the performance. “Racing is one of those things where you try to bring this momentum into next week.”

Tim Brown finished second, with Burt Myers of Walnut Cove taking third.

The “Madhouse Scramble” put Ronnie Clifton of Walkertown on the pole for the start of the second race, with racing Legend Junior Miller of Winston-Salem beside him on the outside. Miller and Clifton played mind games on the initial start, with Miller leaping out into the lead.

But making his way up quickly was James Civali of Davidson, who pressured Miller for lap after lap until stealing the lead away on lap 16. Civali never looked back, going on to win his first race ever at the Madhouse.

“That was one of those deals where you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do,” said Civali about moving past Miller for the lead. “I just gave him a little bit of a shot, got him up the hill a little bit, and drove away.”

With Civali grabbing the victory, he is now added to the famed list of Modified winners at Bowman Gray Stadium, which includes such iconic names as Junior Johnson, Glen Wood, and Richard Petty.

In the Texas Steak & Tap House Sportsman Series, Michael Adams of Yadkinville won the first race. In the second 20-lapper, John Holleman of Winston-Salem took the checkered. Holleman grabbed the lead away from Dylan Ward of Winston-Salem on the white flag lap as they passed lapped traffic, sending Ward bouncing into the guard rail.

Amber Lynn of Walkertown won in the Q104.1 New Country Street Stock Series after shoving Jake Creed of Dobson out of the way on the last lap.

And in the Law Offices of John Barrow Stadium Stock Series, Chase Hunt of Lexington walked away as the proud winner of the Winston-Salem Journal Stadium Stock 50 – the longest and most prestigious event of the season for the Stadium Stock Series.