Work Day Planned at Evergreen Raceway

In preparation for the late fall and winter months ahead, Jason Makarewicz, the Track Manager at Evergreen Raceway Park in St. Johns, PA has decided to hold a work day at the speedway. If the weather is decent, Makarewicz asks anyone willing to lend and hand to be at the track at 10 AM on Saturday, November 21st.

“The track is actually in pretty good shape”, said Makarewicz, who is currently in the planning stages for a successful 2016 season.

“There are a few things that I would like to get done prior to the “Snowball” Enduros in January, so if people would like to come out, please bring your weed wackers. There are several areas that just need to be cleaned up a bit, but it’s nothing that can’t be accomplished in a short period of time”.

In early spring Makarewicz plans to refurbish several buildings on the grounds, including the pit and announcer’s towers, the office and also the restrooms.

“Surprisingly, many of the structures just need a little TLC. We’re trying to spend as little as possible on the renovations and not overspend before the season gets rolling”.

He continued, “Once the 2016 season gets underway and as long as business grows, we’ll continue to make improvements both on and off the track.”

Makarewicz is working on the division rules and schedule. The track website has been updated with the most recent information in regards to Evergreen Raceway Park. It can be viewed by visiting, or by following their Facebook page- Evergreen Raceway.

Evergreen Raceway PR