Michigan International Speedway offering free WiFi hotspots

Michigan International Speedway provided free WiFi hotspots for its fans during the Quicken Loans 400 weekend. The fans overwhelmingly approved the enhancement to NASCAR’s fastest track.

The free WiFi hotspots are returning for the Pure Michigan 400 weekend.

These hotspots were the first of its kind on the NASCAR circuit. They are located at the Budweiser Party Porch at turn four, Champion’s Club presented by CP Federal Credit Union, Pit Patio, MISCamping.com APEX and MISCamping.com Turn 2 Retreat.

Fans provided positive feedback throughout the weekend in June.

“We had really good feedback on the free WiFi hotspots,” track president Roger Curtis said. “It gives everyone at the track a chance to stay updated and connected. We are happy to improve the technology for our fans to increase their enjoyment at the track.”

Fans can now stay up to date on the latest happenings in NASCAR and set their fantasy line up right from the track. They can use the app, download interactive maps, even buy tickets – all using the free WiFi.

Additional WiFi hotspots will be explored and created in the coming years. Curtis added it would be difficult to launch hotspots across the entire 1,400-acre MIS in one swoop. So he’s starting in popular areas where fans gather and working his way out. 

The free WiFi will be available to all cell phone carriers, though Sprint is always the preferred cell service at MIS.

And since 20 percent of its fan base comes from Canada, this will be a great opportunity for all of the international guests to stay in contact with their families back across the border.

For a map of WiFi hotspot locations around the facility, please visit http://bit.ly/13MfgVb.