What You Need to Know About Motorsport: Major Racing Types

The world of motorsport is diverse, vibrant, and thrilling, encompassing a wide range of racing disciplines that cater to almost everyone’s preferences. Formula 1 racing alone brought in a global revenue of $2.57 billion in 2022 alone, and the number is rising every year.

From high-speed F1 and NASCAR racing to off-road racing, each racing type brings its own thrill, unique set of cars, and ingenious equipment. In this article, we’ll take a closer look into some of the best-known types of racing, highlighting their characteristics, vehicles, and why fans like them.

1.   Off-road and Rally Racing

Off-roading and rally racing are forms of racing where you race off the road, encompassing most land geographies that extend beyond the urban roads, including desert racing, rock crawling, and rally raids. Unlike the average automobile, most off-road vehicles are designed to withstand extreme terrain and weather conditions. So, this type of racing pushes both the driver and the machine to their limits.

Off-roading and rally racing vehicles range from trucks and buggies to specialized off-roading machines with an ARB air locker and unique bumpers to withstand harsh terrain. Rally racing brings an element of unpredictability. So, if you’re a surprise fan, we recommend you watch the World Rally Championship (WRC) or Baja 1000, two events that attract global talent in this format.

2.   Formula Racing

Ever since it first started back in the 20th century, formula racing has been at the pinnacle of motorsport and is known for its legendary players, remarkable cars, and cutting-edge technology.

The most prestigious race series is Formula 1, which features open-wheel single-seater cars on various circuits worldwide. F1 cars are known to be engineering marvels, with hybrid engines, innovative aerodynamic systems, and lightweight materials to construct their body. This structure allows F1 professionals to compete on the circuit at speeds higher than 200 mph.

The F1 calendar consists of around 20 races held across the globe. Each race takes place over a weekend. While its fanbase is unlimited, watching an F1 race can do the trick if you’re looking for an adrenaline rush.

3.   Stock Car Racing

Second only to F1 racing, stock car racing refers to V8 engine racing in high-banked ovals. This sport is uniquely American, considering the top proponent of the sport is NASCAR or the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing. Founded in 1948, the sport first showcased stock cars competing on oval tracks in the southeastern US. Over the years, it transitioned into one of the most popular racing series ever.

NASCAR stock cars are often based on production car models but are heavily altered for racing purposes. While they retain the semblance of their production counterparts, they have additional aerodynamic framework and V8 engines to make them suitable for high-speed racing.

Considering it takes place on oval tracks, the tracks for a NASCAR race are usually short. A typical NASCAR race weekend involves multiple back-to-back race sessions. The races are divided into stages with breaks that allow teams to make adjustments and strategies. The NASCAR motorsport now has a dedicated fanbase, with fans participating in online fantasy leagues, collecting memorabilia, and engaging with the drivers on social media.


The world of motorsport is a tapestry for speed, skill, and spectacle. Each racing type brings its own type of entertainment and excitement. Whether you’re thrilled by the all-time famous F1 racing, the thunder action of NASCAR driving, or the new and upcoming chaos of off-roading, there’s something everyone can enjoy.