PASS Addresses Social Media Concerns

Since 2001, the Pro All Stars Series (PASS) has established itself as one of the top sanctioning bodies for asphalt short track racing in North America.  PASS currently sanctions a variety of stock car racing divisions with a reach that stretches from Florida to Canada.  In 2013, that reach will expand to the Pacific Northwest and will also include sanctioning the prestigious Oxford 250, short track racing’s most lucrative single day event.

As PASS has grown, the world around us has shrunk to a certain extent thanks to the expansion of social media.  With that said, PASS would like to set the record straight and address to a select few who are unhappy with the amount of live updates allowed at PASS events.

The primary objective of PASS from day one has always been to be as fan and competitor friendly as possible and to do as much for our sponsors and our competitor’s sponsors as possible.  We’ve been able to convince all of our teams that popular procedures like not counting caution laps and double-file restarts add to the quality of our shows.  And thanks to the hard work of countless people involved with our series, our fan counts have risen and the future is bright.

Concerning live updates, we go to many different facilities and the most of them purchase our shows to present at their respective tracks.  The vast majority of those facilities do not want to allow any entity to do live updates.  This is an entertainment business, but these facilities rely on fans to attend their events and to buy concessions and souvenirs in order to continue operating.  Many entities who present live updates have sponsors that allow them to do their coverage, but PASS nor the facilities we race at share in those profits.

In years past, PASS became involved with a company to do live updates and streaming video of its events.  That company did not fulfill the obligation they agreed to with PASS and we now choose to no longer associate with them.  PASS respectfully declined their request to do live updates at subsequent events and they chose to do them on their own through other means without the permission of PASS.  The sanctioning body was forced to protect its race tracks and sponsors and does not allow this, or other entities, to do live updates without the express written permission of the series.

To clarify, PASS continues to be fan friendly and is proud to allow fans and teams to send posts and photos to their family and friends.  In 2012, PASS decided to post periodic updates on our Facebook page in an effort to give fans around the country more information about our events.

The PASS fans and competitors are the most important building block in our efforts to increase awareness about short track racing to a more national audience.  But, it is not in the best interest of fans, teams, or sponsors to have an entity that is getting compensated to do live updates while tracks that have paid for their events do not to get any compensation at all.

PASS has credentialed hundreds of media outlets over the years such as Late Model Racer,, Late Model Digest and countless others and has worked well with them and not had any problems.

We hope this clarifies any confusion concerning live updates and we look forward to seeing our fans and competitors for years to come.  PASS thanks you for your continued support and understanding.

PASS Racing PR