Salt Lake City resident John Gutz crowned winner of Montucky Cold Snacks Mascot Contest

After Montucky Cold Snacks reviewed hundreds of video submissions and dwindled selections down to 12 semi-finalists, today it gleefully announces Salt Lake City’s John Gutz as the winner of their debut 2023 Mascot competition. As the first-ever official Mascot for the company, Gutz will reap the benefits of bonafide minor celebrity D status, receiving an obscene amount of ridiculously unbelievable prizes, while his face is prepared to be plastered on 100,000s of Montucky beer cans dropping this Fall.


Montucky Cold Snacks embarked on its journey earlier this spring with the hopes of finding a worthy candidate to call their own. Contestants from all across the country were offered the chance to submit a short video submission telling Montucky why they should be the face of the brand. 


“I entered the competition because I am a happy outgoing person that loves to share excitement with others and make people laugh. I wanted to do a funny video and this was a good reason. Also, I LOVE Montucky Cold Snacks!!!” says John Gutz. “To be the Montucky Mascot means everything. Portraying the brand with full authenticity and excitement. The Mascot should be fun, outgoing, and personable, someone that people can absorb the excitement and joy that the mascot puts off.”


Gutz is now expected to bring that positive enthusiasm at his major local liquor-store signing tour, when he hosts his Race Day NASCAR party, the first pitch for Reno Aces’ opening game, and when he becomes the official emissary to the sovereign nation of The Republic of Molossia (wherever that is). 


“Winning the competition… It would make my friends and family extremely excited and happy to see my face on a cold snack. I would be able to represent at more events and bring the product to a wider audience from all of the eclectic things I do.”


By Fall of 2023, his friends and family will be proud to see Gutz’s face on over 100K Montucky beer cans across the country, some random Billboard probably in the middle of nowhere, his face randomly on mouse pads and coffee cups, not to mention his face wrapped around a NASCAR truck for a track party. 


John Gutz is going to be L-I-V-I-N’ this year!

The official list of prizes below:

  • Appointed the official mascot as an emissary to their sovereign nation of The Republic of Molossia 
  • Face on Cans
  • Your face on a NASCAR Truck (one race)
  • A trip to the NASCAR Truck Race where your face is featured on the side of the truck
  • Your face on a MCS Billboard somewhere in America 
  • Your name on a Montucky Cold Snacks Adopt-A-Highway in Montana
  • Opening throw at Reno Aces game
  • Liquor store can-signing tour
  • Randomly found used mixtape 
  • Sample 50 Fried Foods at a State Fair in One Day 
  • A year’s worth of snacks
  • Face on mouse pad
  • Face on Coffee Cup


Speedway Digest Thursday Night Thunder welcomed Gutz to the Thunderdome to talk about his victory, his love of racing, and his affair with beer…pretty much in that order! 

Adam Sinclair