Nitro Rallycross Names Insta360 X3 Official Action Camera of 2023

Nitro Rallycross (Nitro RX), a disruptive next generation motorsport created by global icon Travis Pastrana and action sports authority Nitro Circus, has partnered with Insta360, the industry-leading dual 360° action camera brand, as Nitro RX hits the home stretch of its 2022/23 calendar.


The brands first teamed up last month at Calgary, Alberta’s frigid Stampede Park. In front of more than 20,000 passionate fans, Insta360 cameras mounted on the 1,070 hp equivalent all-electric FC1-X driven by Nitro RX’s elite competitors – including Pastrana (USA) as well as European champions Robin Larsson (SWE) and Andreas Bakkerud (NOR) – captured every pulse-pounding moment as they tackled a daunting track complete with a nearly 100-foot table top jump, a steep banked turn, and a narrow ice tunnel.


Insta360 cameras got fans closer to every high-G launch, hairpin turn and tight pass than ever before, providing viewers – already accustomed to Nitro RX’s innovative, video-game influenced content – an even more visceral experience.   


“With championship weekend fast approaching and the battle for the series title heating up, we are thrilled to partner with Insta360 to showcase all the high-adrenaline action of Nitro Rallycross,” said Brett Clarke, Nitro RX President. “Their forward-thinking technology captures the intense racing in an entirely new way.”


“We’re stoked to partner with Nitro Rallycross and have our cameras on the frontlines of rallycross racing. Together, we see amazing opportunities to revolutionize how motorsport can be captured,” said Michael Shabun, Vice President at Insta360.


Insta360 cameras like the Insta360 X3 capture 360-degree views where the selfie stick or mount is rendered invisible in the video, enabling creators of all skill levels to capture dramatic moments from a variety of perspectives. The cameras can be placed almost anywhere, from on a dashboard or inside a cockpit to on the back of a car to capture jaw-dropping footage from incredible perspectives.
In addition to teaming up with Nitro RX, the company has worked with top athletes like motocross legend Robbie Maddison as well as leading brands such as Harley-Davidson.


Industry analysts have projected the global action camera market to exceed $5 billion by 2026, with live events and in particular live sport seen as a major driver of this expansion. The action camera is also handier – and heartier – than a DSLR (digital single-lens reflex camera) due to its fixed point-and-shoot model. Insta360 action cameras make capturing even easier with a “shoot first, point later” workflow that ensures athletes never miss a moment of the action. After shooting, creators can use the camera’s accompanying app to pick their favorite angle out of the 360-degree video to share as a traditional flat video.



Adam Sinclair