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Daido Metal Becomes Exclusive Bearing of Roush Yates Engines

Thursday, Mar 02 690
Roush Yates Engines announced today that it has formed a multi-year technical partnership with leading engine bearing designer and manufacturer Daido Metal USA Inc. With its headquarters, main Sales Office and North American Technical Center located in Farmington Hills, Michigan, and their business/distribution center in Bellefontaine, Ohio, Daido Metal USA provides over 150 million bearings per year regionally to both OEM and aftermarket customers. Daido Metal USA offers an extensive line of performance and race engine bearings validated at the highest levels of professional racing and motorsports.
At the core of Daido Metal USA’s success is their decades of bearing design, coupled with extensive manufacturing experience and a passion for providing customers with engine bearings that exceed expectation in terms of value and performance. Throughout the years, Daido Metal has earned the trust and business of their customers with their products and commitment to customer relationships, delivery, performance, and continual improvement. The sales & application engineering team at Daido Metal provides expertise and support to all customers, regardless of their size or performance focus. A significant testimonial of Daido Metal’s engine bearing lineup is their recent success at the 2023 Daytona 500 week - Daido Metal engine bearings powered all Roush Yates Engines Ford Performance FR9 engines for over 800 miles.
Daido Metal is the world’s largest automotive engine bearing manufacturer by market share and has 80 years of experience in the most demanding applications. In addition to their success in the professional motorsport engine bearing market, they are also a high-volume automotive supplier boasting multiple quality awards from major customers including Ford Q1 Certification and GM Supplier Quality Excellence. Daido Metal engine bearings power a wide range of vehicles from supercars to trucks to motorcycles to off road machinery. Daido Metal utilizes proprietary processing methods and materials, advanced technologies, unmatched customer support, and ensures strict quality control for all products.

Daido Metal’s contribution to Roush Yates Engines has been a reduction of friction and wear, while at the same time extending the lifecycle of Ford’s FR9 NASCAR Cup and Xfinity racing engines. Daido Metal achieves this by utilizing a fully integrated production process including the production and processing of proprietary materials, surface treatment/coating technology, numerical simulation, engineering support, and precise manufacturing for all products – resulting in unmatched performance, repeatability, accuracy, and quality at all levels.
“Daido Metal is a world class company that continues to push innovation and development of high performance bearings," said Doug Yates, President and CEO of Roush Yates Engines. “We have been leveraging Daido Metal’s technology since 2012 in our championship engines. This partnership is a winning combination in a competitive racing environment that relies on power, performance, and reliability.”

“Daido Metal USA is honored to be named the Exclusive Bearing Partner of Roush Yates Engines,” said Yasuhiro ‘Hank’ Okura, President of Daido Metal USA. “Daido Metal engine bearings have powered countless Roush Yates Engines victories since 2012. Together we have pushed the boundaries of engine bearing technology and precision at the highest level of motorsport, including the development of new high performance bearing materials. Daido Metal and Roush Yates share an authentic commitment to our products and our customers, and we both possess a genuine desire to be the best in our fields. We look forward to new challenges together and are proud to be closely associated with Roush Yates – especially with the many people whose trust we have worked hard to earn and keep over the last decade.”

As the Exclusive Bearing Partner of Roush Yates Engines, Daido Metal will assist in the design and development of purpose-built racing engines that maximize horsepower and durability under extreme conditions including the RY45, a purpose-built racing engine utilized in dirt late model and off-road truck racing.



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