FARA announces new ownership

The Formula & Automobile Racing Association (FARA) announced today its new ownership structure and new executive management team as a sure sign the championship will retain its innovative and competitive foundation for the foreseeable future.


The new ownership structure composed of Jose De las Casas & TLM Racing have appointed as Chief Race Director, renown professional race car driver, racing instructor and coach, Gerardo Bonilla, who will be supported by a team of Competition Directors formed by David Leira, Paul Ronie, and Derek Granison. Bob Ricker will take the role of Deputy Race director working alongside Gerardo during race weekends.


Gerardo Bonilla has been a master instructor and director of operations for premier race schools and served as series driver coach and race steward for the USF2000 National Championship (more info below). The Competition Directors joining him, David Leira (TLM Racing), Paul Ronie (RSR Racing), and Derek Granison (Extreme Velocity) add their decades of race experience and knowledge across several organizations. 


Mario Cader-Frech, through KC Social Impact Lab LLC, has been hired to act as role of Executive Director, Strategic Partnerships. Increasing fan engagement and experiences with the brand on and off track, taking FARA to new and more diverse audiences, and bringing exciting new opportunities to competitors and spectators alike.  


With the new ownership and management changes in place, FARA plans to keep improving driving conditions to continue offering a safe, exciting, competitive environment for everyone. Additional changes will be announced at the organizational and operational levels to enhance efficiency, promote innovative learning & development experiences, increase the number of events, improve turnout, elevate sponsorship opportunities, and encourage participation at the highest possible level. 

Adam Sinclair