Kaylee Worley Joins MPM Marketing

 MPM Marketing is welcoming another promising young driver to its ever-growing client list. 

Kaylee Worley, who became the first woman to win a Stock 4 championship at Cherokee Speedway last year, is joining MPM Marketing to better promote herself as she continues a busy 2022 season.  

Kaylee has possessed a passion for racing since the early days of her childhood and is confident that her partnership with MPM Marketing will help her build the connections she needs to compete in more races around the United States. 

“Joining MPM feels really good,” Kaylee said. “I’ve pretty much grown up at the race track all my life ever since my brother started taking me there when I was two. I decided to give it a shot myself and here we are now.”

The 2022 season has already featured plenty of changes for Kaylee.

Following her title at Cherokee, Kaylee sold her Stock 4 car so she could transition over into 602 Late Model competition. Although Kaylee had some initial apprehension about the change, she felt that driving a 602 Late Model would help refine her driving style against many other talented competitors in the region.

Kaylee’s father Seth has been trying to instill the right values in the early stages of his daughter’s career, adding that the communication she shows with her crew inside and outside the car is a quality that will be very beneficial as her development continues.

“[Kaylee] won’t listen to me but she’ll listen to her crew chief,” Seth said. “She can give pretty good feedback for the limited amount of time that she’s been racing. Kaylee knows what the car is doing and what she needs from it.”

Kaylee’s maturity and talent were the main reasons why MPM Marketing founder Tonya McCallister wanted her to become a client. McCallister has every reason to believe that Kaylee will only get better as she accumulates more track time. 

“We’ve been talking to Kaylee and her family since last season,” McCallister said. “With her transition into the 602’s, now seemed like the right time to really promote her. Kaylee is a talented young lady that is determined to do well in anything she does.”

When Seth spoke with McCallister for the first time and learned more about her background in motorsports, he knew that MPM Marketing would provide Kaylee all the resources she needed to sustain her success as she moved up through the ranks. 

Seth is confident that a successful 2022 is in the works with MPM Marketing aiding Kaylee, especially since her crew chief Robbie Gilliam was also retained from the Stock 4 program. Despite this, Seth admitted that he is still trying to figure out a schedule for Kaylee that will put her in the best possible position to excel on track as she gets acclimated to driving a 602 Late Model.

Having Kaylee travel around the region remains a strong possibility for Seth. He expects Kaylee to endure some learning pains in her first few races with the 602 Late Model but knows that she will persevere through whatever obstacle comes her way. 

“I want to see [Kaylee] get more comfortable in the Late Model,” Seth said “Of course, I’d love to see her get that first win, but experience is important. Late Models are a completely different animal than the four-cylinders for sure.”

Kaylee knows she still has plenty to learn behind the wheel, but she has been thankful for all the assistance during her three years as a driver and is eager to see what comes next in her career as she battles some of the best 602 Late Model competitors.

“During these last three years, I’ve gotten a better idea on how to figure out what’s going on with the car,” Kaylee said. “I’ve also been able to meet some great people along the way, but that championship really meant a whole lot to me.”

The primary goal for Kaylee in 2022 is to keep learning at Cherokee and several other tracks that are on her schedule. Kaylee added that strong runs in the 602 Late Model will come if she respects her fellow competitors and makes smart decisions inside the car. 



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