Elaine Larsen celebrates 2 Decades of Thrills

Two-time world championship jet car driver Elaine Larsen will celebrate her 20th year at the wheel of a jet-powered race car in 2022 with a “Two Decades of Thrills: Full Throttle Tour” that will propel her into the next phase of her professional career.

With the conclusion of the 2022 tour, Larsen will step down as the primary driver for Larsen Motorsports (LMS).  Instead, she will assume a more prominent leadership role within LMS, the company she founded with her husband, Chris, and Blazing Trails, the 501(C)3 non-profit she founded to connect students to exciting, non-traditional careers through STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics).

Having trained a host of young jet dragster drivers at LMS, Elaine recognizes the importance of supplying the next generation with both the proper tools and opportunities to succeed.  As a result, beyond the 2022 tour, she will focus more of her energy on driver development while expanding her leadership, mentorship and business roles.

Adam Sinclair