Custom Indian Motorcycle for X-Men and Mad-Max: Fury Road star, Nicolas Hoult

How cool is this?


Check out this custom motorcycle built by Japanese bike builder and Brat Style founder, Go Takamine. Go customized a 2022 Indian Super Chief Limited for X-Men and Mad-Max: Fury Road star, Nicolas Hoult. In true Go style, he took a clean, minimalist approach to the build – adding vintage elements with the bike’s modern performance.  


For Hoult, Go’s vintage styling and thoughtful attention to detail created a piece of art that he’ll treasure and care for with the utmost respect. 


Go’s attention to detail is second to none and truly creative. The laundry list of modifications include a 1937 Ford truck fender that was transformed into the rear fender of Holt’s bike, and neat, unique details like custom brass gnarled footpegs with U.S. Buffalo Nickels installed at the end of each peg.


Modification List

  • Converted the rear suspension from a swing-arm/softail to a rigid, hardtail by installing cross members from the rear axle to the main frame. 
  • New Brat Style bars and brass risers
  • Relocated the digital speedometer to the lower left side of the bike just below the fuel tank. Did this by fabricating a special mounting system for the speedometer, rerouting the bike’s existing wiring to this new location.
  • Cut two inches out of the center of the tank to narrow it from its stock size. 
  • Installed a new leather spring loaded solo seat.
  • Utilized the spare tire fender (originally mounted to the back lift gate of the old truck) from a 1937 Ford Truck and converted it into the new rear fender for this Chief. Finished the rear fender with an original ornate fender end piece from a 1940s Indian Chief
  • Fabricated short, low-profile sissy bar for rear fender. 
  • Fabricated and installed a new set of custom cone-end exhaust pipes.  
  • Installed brass, gnarled foot pegs and shifter pegs, including actual U.S. Buffalo Nickels at the ends of the foot pegs. 
  • Installed new headlamp with integrated vintage Indian Motorcycle brass coin. 
  • Created upper fork leg covers to create a muscular old-school look for the front end. 
  • Installed sidemount (left side) Brat Style/Shi-Sa tail light and license plate holder
  • Repainted the bike gloss black, with silver scallops on tank and gold Indian script logo.


Go also converted the motorcycle to a hardtail, for a true vintage, minimalist look and feel. 


Talk about the ultimate Christmas gift for a motorcycle lover!?!


Adam Sinclair