Surprise TRG Lineup for Indy 8-Hour

The Racers Group fields TWO solid entries at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway for SprintX. Derek DeBoer and Spencer Pumpelly double down on their SprintX podium assault in TRG’s #66 Porsche Cayman GT4 Clubsport, while Dr. Jim Rappaport introduces teammate, Todd Hetherington, to the Brickyard in patriotic TRG #17. A Porsche Club veteran, Todd will be driving together with the team in all of 2022 and this will be a fantastic Indy introduction for him.

The Racers Group is thrilled to announce its team for the headliner event, the Pirelli GT-4 Indy 8-hour Challenge: Derek DeBoer and Spencer Pumpelly will be joined by TRG Alumnus, Andy Lally, behind the wheel of TRG’s #66. Andy and Spencer are fellow TRG Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona endurance champions, and Derek and Andy drove last year’s Indy 8-hour for TRG. Andy was a stalwart with the TRG success from 2005-2011 at a time when the synergies amongst all yielded multiple championships—as well as two victories—at the 24 hours of Daytona.

Endurance  — TRG’s Got it!

TRG’s record in endurance racing is unsurpassed by any independent sports car team in history. 13 podiums and 4 victories (once overall) at the 24 hours of Daytona, victory of the 24 hours of Le Mans and Petite LeMans, as well as countless other victories at endurance-style races throughout the US. This team knows how to win and is looking forward to getting back to its core strengths. Team owner Kevin Buckler, is eager to get back on “The Box”

Team TRG’s endurance chops are enhanced by 7 year veteran, Derek DeBoer, who is also well-acquainted with the tenacity required. Derek and Andy teamed up for TRG in the inaugural Indy 8-Hour last year. Derek also competed in 2015’s Rolex 24, placed 2nd in the California 8 Hour Challenge and finished on the podium in the intimidating 25 Hours of Thunderhill in California.  


Derek DeBoer

“There’s no better place than Indianapolis to finish our season on the right foot. The entire TRG team and our partners, including LaSalle Solutions, have put in such great effort this season; and Spencer and I are feeling ready to deliver a win. Also look for a livery change as we are representing the Pink Board Project and bringing awareness to cancer. Lots of new companies jumped in this weekend to support that cause so you’ll see them riding alongside the #66 to pick up the first win for the season! Once Spencer and I are all done with our final sprint X rounds we can change our focus to the eight hour. We have lots of unfinished business there and couldn’t be more excited about Andy Lally joining our team to make what we think will be an unbeatable trio!”
—Derek DeBoer

Derek DeBoer will be driving #66/LaSalle Solutions / FASTLIFE.TV / BRM / AutoLeadStar / Porsche Cayman GT4 Clubsport with co-drivers Spencer Pumpelly and Andy Lally
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Spencer Pumpelly

“TRG has had a lot of close-calls and near misses in the 8 hours as far as making it to victory lane. Hopefully this will be the year we finally do it. With Andy Lally joining Derek and myself, this should be our best chance ever. I know the car is good and the TRG crew is up to the task of endurance racing. Come Sunday afternoon, we expect to be ‘kissing the bricks’.”
—Spencer Pumpelly

Spencer Pumpelly will be driving #66/LaSalle Solutions / FASTLIFE.TV / BRM / AutoLeadStar / Porsche Cayman GT4 Clubsport with co-driver Derek DeBoer.
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Andy Lally

“Indianapolis is such an amazing place to win and as we head there with a great line up, I can’t wait to get on track and see how we stack up against the competition. Eight hours of multi-class racing will certainly demand top notch car prep and excellent strategy in order to win and I think we have an awesome opportunity ahead of us!”
— Andy Lally

Andy Lally will be driving #66/LaSalle Solutions / FASTLIFE.TV / BRM / AutoLeadStar / Porsche Cayman GT4 Clubsport with co-drivers Derek DeBoer and Spencer Pumpelly.
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Dr. Jim Rappaport

“To race at Indianapolis is a great thrill. This is the 2nd year that I’ve had that privilege!
Last year ended with Derek Deboer and me scoring 2nd in the national standings and Derek, Andy Lally and me finishing 5th in the 8 hour Enduro world championship. Last year, we had the good fortune of two hours of rain but the misfortune of 2 flat tires.
I’m Looking for some more rain this year and some more luck. Love this team…life is definitely good when I am hanging with Robert, Todd, Kevin, Derek, and Spencer!”

Dr. Rappaport will be driving #17 TRG /Silver State Medical Consultants / LienStar / Westpark Capital / LaSalle Solutions / Porsche Cayman GT4 Clubsport, with co-driver Todd Hetherington.
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Todd Hetherington

“I simply will say, TRG and all the folks surrounding me have been so gracious and accommodating.   My journey in Motorsports has been fast-tracked and grown into way more than just a race. Lifelong friends … places visited … people met and opportunities abound. This team and network of friends is amazing. I’m very pleased and happy to be part of dreamers, fighters, and top-graded people. Only in America, God Bless the USA.”

Todd Hetherington will be driving #17 TRG /Silver State Medical Consultants / LienStar / Westpark Capital / LaSalle Solutions / Porsche Cayman GT4 Clubsport, with co-driver Dr. Jim Rappaport.

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Kevin Buckler 
Founder and CEO of the Racers Group

I’m very pleased and excited to bring TRG back to Indy for a jam-packed weekend of SprintX and endurance racing.

Derek and Spencer have worked so hard on their driving this year and have seen some incredible improvements and a well-deserved second-place in the Sprint X championship. Dr. Jim and Todd have quickly developed a great partnership in #17—as well as a pretty good mutual admiration society. I look forward to seeing how their synergy continues to develop at “The Brickyard” and into 2022.

I am absolutely thrilled that we were able to capitalize on this opportunity to run the Pirelli GT-4 Indy 8-Hour Challenge with 3 endurance veterans: Derek DeBoer, Spencer Pumpelly and Andy Lally. As things came together over the last few weeks, it was a pretty short conversation and we all decided it was time to jump in together on the 8 hour. It’s fantastic to have Andy back on board and I know this is a lethal lineup. 

I don’t know why, but from early on I was always fascinated with the endurance races and how complex everything was…more like chess rather than checkers. I ran my first Daytona 24 hours in 1995 and we continued for 22 straight years and I’m proud that we have earned one of the best records in endurance racing history.

This weekend’s diverse race schedule requires the ultimate “teamwork” and we’re going to do everything we can to put our best resources together to give Derek, Spencer and Andy, and Dr. Jim and Todd a shot at a victory here. We are ready!

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Indianapolis SprintX and
Indy 8-hour Schedule

12:00 PM Pirelli GT4 America SprintX Paid Bronze Test Session
1:35 PM Pirelli GT4 America SprintX Practice 1
4:15 PM Pirelli GT4 America SprintX Practice 2

11:45 AM Pirelli GT4 America SprintX Qualify Driver 1
12:05 PM Pirellit GT4 America SprintX Qualify Driver 2
2:00 PM Indianapolis 8 Hour Paid Test Session
5:00 PM Pirellit GT4 America SprintX Race 1

9:20 AM Indianapolis 8 Hour Paid Bronze Test Session
11:20 AM Indianapolis 8 Hour Free Practice
2:35 PM Pirelli GT4 America SprintX Race 2

8:30 AM Indianapolis 8 Hour Pre-Qualifying
2:00 PM Indianapolis 8 Hour Qualifying Driver 1
2:22 PM Indianapolis 8 Hour Qualifying Driver 2
2:45 PM Indianapolis 8 Hour Qualifying Driver 3
4:20 PM Indianapolis 8 Hour Pole Shoothout

8:30 AM Indianapolis 8 Hour Pre-Race
10:00 AM Indianapolis 8 Hour Race

Schedule is subject to change.

Adam Sinclair