Madditive About You: VP Racing Fuels Named Official Performance Additive of IMSA

Highly regarded for its contributions to automotive performance, VP Racing Fuels is expanding its role with IMSA to become the Official Performance Additive of the race sanctioning organization.
Highlighting the use of its “Madditives” line of fuel treatments and octane boosters to enhance the performance of passenger and race cars, VP Racing’s status as the Official Performance Additive of IMSA comes on top of existing designations as IMSA’s Official Fuel Supplier and Official Performance Coolant.
“We are excited to continue the expansion of our IMSA relationship with our technologically advanced Madditive® as the Official Performance Additives of IMSA,” said Bruce Hendel, Vice President of North American Sales – Race Fuel and Consumer Products for VP Racing Fuels. “Joining our official fuel and Stay Frosty® coolants, our full line of Madditives include cutting-edge octane improvers, fuel stabilizers, fuel system cleaners and combustion improvers for both gas and diesel. Like our fuels and coolants, all Madditive products bring peak performance to IMSA race teams and fans alike.”
The new agreement allows VP Racing Fuels to become even more fan friendly at IMSA events, including VP Racing Fuels Madditives signage at select races and a presence at car corrals that will allow enthusiasts an up-close look into how Madditives can improve high-performance cars. Fans can learn the benefits of Madditives products including Octanium® Unleaded Octane Booster, Power Boost™ to clean fuel systems and remove deposits from the engine combustion chamber, Fuel System Cleaner, 622 Racing Brake Fluid and more.
“VP Racing Fuels has worked with IMSA to find creative ways to expand our long-term partnership,” said IMSA Vice President, Partnership Marketing and Business Development Brandon Huddleston. “The way our partnership has grown over the years, from Official Fuel Supplier to Official Performance Coolant and now to include Official Performance Additive, speaks to VP’s growth within the automotive performance sector and to the opportunities provided by IMSA’s growing audience.”
VP Racing Fuels has been the Official Fuel Supplier of IMSA since 2014. It added the distinction of Official Performance Coolant last year to promote the VP Racing “Stay Frosty” line of automotive coolants.
Adam Sinclair