Revved up with Waldorf – Patrick Greak, author of ‘A-Face-Like-A-Flint-Forging-Faith-Fitness-and-Fortitude…A-Kinesiologists-Devotional’

Many people think that sports are more important than they are, or ever could be. For some, however, sports are truly life!

Since the first season of Speedway Digest Thursday Night Thunder, we have had the opportunity to work with Waldorf Publishing to get to know some of their authors, many of whom have a passion not only for the written word, but for speed! 

My co-host Mykkal Mulalley-Kapalo and myself have been grateful to the teams and racers that we have spoken with on the program, and during this unparalleled pandemic, we hope to provide you, our readers, listeners, and fans, a little snippet into some of the people who help make this the greatest sport in the world.

Today, we are pleased to highlight Patrick Greak, author of ‘A-Face-Like-A-Flint-Forging-Faith-Fitness-and-Fortitude…A-Kinesiologists-Devotional.’

1. What was your first car?  My mom actually let me drive her 1971 Mercedes to school/around town!
2. What do you drive now? A 2006 GMC Sierra pickup truck
3. What is your dream car that you wish to own? I would love to drive a Jaguar at some point
4. Do you see yourself ever buying a battery operated car? Probably not, but never say never,  right?!?
5. If you went on a road trip, what book would you bring? It would have to be the Book of-Man by Bill Bennett
6. What do you think about Elon Musk and his advances in technology? They are fascinating and good for the USA
Stay tuned for more insights into the amazing authors of Waldorf Publishing in the coming weeks.
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