Revved up with Waldorf – Steve Vasiliou, author of ‘Geotravel Tips and Stories’

Ever since the last Friday the 13th, March 13, 2020, that is, the world has basically been on lockdown. Travel and tourism almost ground to a halt, and we were left wondering if voyaging from the couch to the bathroom, with a brief sojourn into the bedroom, counted as a vacation!

Since the first season of Speedway Digest Thursday Night Thunder, we have had the opportunity to work with Waldorf Publishing to get to know some of their authors, many of whom have a passion not only for the written word, but for speed!

My co-host Mykkal Mulalley-Kapalo and myself have been grateful to the teams and racers that we have spoken with on the program, and during this unparalleled pandemic, we hope to provide you, our readers, listeners, and fans, a little snippet into some of the people who help make this the greatest sport in the world. This week, we are pleased to get to chat with another author whose love for the written word has inspired readers all over the world.
Today, we take you on an automotive journey with travel expert Steve Vasiliou.
 What was your first car? Volkswagen Dasher
 What do you drive now? Chevrolet Spark
3What is your dream car that you wish to own? Volvo XC40 EV
Do you see yourself ever buying a battery operated car? Yes. Of course.
 If you went on a road trip, what book would you bring? 1000 Places to See Before You Die by Patricia Schultz
What do you think about Elon Musk and his advances in technology? Clean energy is vital. I agree with initiatives promoting non-polluting energy sources and cleaner water. I disagree with views which disregard public transportation and the pandemic.
Stay tuned for more insights into the amazing authors of Waldorf Publishing in the coming weeks.
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Adam Sinclair