Bell Achieves FIM Racing Homolgation for Pro Star

The new Bell helmet for Circuit Racing, the Pro Star ECE, achieves the FIM racing homologation for the sizes S, M and L. The homologation is valid only in the presence of all the available appendices (mouth, forehead, top and rear vents) and the spoiler.

This helmet comes with a standard ECE certification and moreover has successfully passed all tests of the FIM Helmet Standard FRHPhe-01, namely linear impact tests at high (8.2 m/s) and low (5.0 m/s) speed on ECE points, medium speed linear impact tests on 3 extra points randomly chosen on the helmet surface, oblique impact tests with 5 different orientations and penetration test at 2 random spots.

“We are very proud to be among the first manufacturers in the world to achieve the new FRHPe-01 certification and we look forward to continuing to see the top riders in motorcycle racing compete in our helmet. Safety is at the core of our what Bell Helmets is all about. Since Bell was founded in 1954, we have been committed to setting new standards in the head protection industry and ensuring that our helmets are the safest available for riders at all levels. For more than 60 years, we have put an emphasis on innovation and improved technologies to achieve that goal and it was through that innovation that we developed the Pro Star with our top of the line FLEX technology.” – said Chris Sackett, Vice President Bell Helmets.

FIM Communications

Adam Sinclair