The Challenge is on at Garrett Marchant Racing, GMR Partners with Body by Vi for 2012

Is your New Year’s resolution to lose weight, or keep off those pounds you gained over the holidays, or just get in great shape?  Well Garrett Marchant Racing is here to help you with your resolution as they have partnered with the Body by Vi Challenge.  This 90 day challenge is the fastest growing weight loss program in the world!

The partnership with Body by Vi and Garrett Marchant Racing allows the race team to get funds back from orders made by fans. Race fans and supporters of Garrett Marchant Racing can visit: to place orders and find out more about the program. In addition, some of the facts about this company are that you can get started on the challenge for less than $50 per a month, which includes a shake a day.  Furthermore, if you are not a fan of pills you can still do this weight loss program unlike some other ones out there.

Garrett Marchant will be taking part in the challenge this season and cannot wait to get started.  “I’m very excited about being able to partner with Visuals, it’s a great product and it works! I am looking forward to using their products to make me the best driver I can possibly be.  I encourage all my fans and all drivers out there to go to our site and order your shakes today!  You will get healthy fast!” Garrett said at the Body by Vi party earlier this week.  To see photos you can visit Garrett’s Facebook page:

A member of the Garrett Marchant team has already been on the Body by Vi challenge for the past three years and he has great success. Spotter Tom Elliott began the program in 2009 when his race seat was a number 18 and now he is down to a size 15.  Elliot had great things to say about the challenge including, “it is a great source of nutrition, increases stamina, better heat resistance, better night vision, and not as thirsty during the races.” For those who have ever been on a long drive or raced before the shakes also give you more energy and keeps your minerals in check, which you can lose through sweat.

Garrett’s PR, Bradley Carpenter, will also be doing the challenge this season so fans can follow along with his progress as well. To follow Brad’s progress fans can visit his website and check out Brad’s Blog.  “I am super excited to start on the challenge and finally keep my New Year’s resolution!” noted Carpenter when asked about his involvement in the challenge. Also, each Garrett Marchant fan club member will get a discount and/or samples of the shakes in their welcome packages.

For more information on Garrett Marchant Racing please visit, Facebook:, PR Twitter: @GMR77PR, Garrett’s personal Twitter: @OfficialGarrett, and YouTube: