CMS Motorsports Take First And Second In Key West Worlds

The 2015 Key West Super Boat International (SBI) World Championship event ended Sunday after a week’s culmination of deck to deck racing, changing sea conditions and high drama. Team CMS Motorsports, fielding two MTI’s took first and second overall in the Superboat Unlimited Class. Team WHM Motorsports won World Title in Superboat class fielded by nine boats… the largest fleet of the season.

Three days of racing with nearly every team swapping positions throughout the week lead to an exciting race on Sunday with rougher sea conditions. Teams came to Sunday’s race with everything riding on the line for the world titles.

The week was filled with teams bumping on the course, spinouts, roll overs and boats trying to share the same GPS coordinates, but when it was all finished, champions were crowned. President of Super Boat International, John Carbonell commented on the excitement shared by all. “We had some great racing this week, not without controversy and penalties, but that seems to always be the case in the World Championships. Just like last year, this was some of the most exciting offshore racing around the world.”

The final race of the day, this past Sunday, boasted the largest fleet of Superboats in the fastest growing class of SBI. It became clear on the first lap, first turn that not everyone was going to make it around without some incident. And after a rollover coming out of turn one… it was evident, everyone was going for the title.

Super Boat International teams and racers came from many points across the world, therefore making it a true World Championship. All the teams who came and participated in the 35th Annual event deserve honorable mention and many of them endured mechanical failure which resulted in late nights working to repair boats for the next day’s race.

15RR7522This year’s LiveStream, with additional help by JM & Associates, the team producing the NBC Sports broadcast in 2016, was seen in 104 Countries across the world. The Super Boat Key West World Championship race was seen live by more people than any other offshore powerboat racing series.

During the weeklong events, SBI announced two additional race sites for 2016, making a seven race season, with the likely possibility of more. Stay tuned to for up to date news and the expanded 2016 schedule.

Key West World Championship finishing order:

Superboat Unlimited

  1. CMS 3 – World Champion
  2. CMS 03
  3. Lucas Oil Silverhook
  4. Miss GEICO
  5. CRC Sunlight Supply
  6. Alex and Ani
  7. Speed Racer Performance Boat Center


  1. WHM Motorsports – World Champion
  2. Cleveland Construction
  3. Team Amsoil
  4. STIHL
  5. Broadco
  6. Performance Boat Center
  7. Sailor Jerry-AutoNation
  8. Maritimo
  9. HP Mafia

Superboat Extreme

  1. Hooters Instigator – World Champion
  2. Coopers Standard
  3. Outerlimits
  4. Freedom

Superboat Vee

  1. Sun Print – World Champion
  2. Phantom
  3. LSB Lilly Sport Boats

Superboat Stock

  1. Talbot Excavating – World Champion
  2. Smart Marine
  3. BBR Blake Brothers
  4. FJ Propeller
  5. Papa’s Pilar Rum

Manufacturer Prod 3

  1. 2nd Amendment – World Champion
  2. The Developer
  3. Chris Gone Wilder
  4. VooDoo Offshore Racing

Manufacturer Prod 4

  1. Crazy Chicken – World Champion
  2. Two Cruel
  3. No Vacancy
  4. Maxed Out
  5. Christie’s Photographies

If you missed this year’s World Championships, you can catch up on all of the action by visiting, where you can view day by day, race by race.

Adam Sinclair