ROMAIN GROSJEAN, driver of the No. 77 Juncos Hollinger Racing Chevrolet, met with the media on Indianapolis 500 Media Day at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Press Conference Transcript:

THE MODERATOR: Continuing on with Row 9 with the 108th running of the Indianapolis 500. Starting 26th, making his third Indy 500 start, driver of the No. 77, Juncos Hollinger Racing Chevrolet, Romain Grosjean.

Romain, how has your week gone?

ROMAIN GROSJEAN: Sunny (laughter).

No, I mean, last week was not as good as we wanted in qualifying, but I think Monday we got to a better place with the car. Obviously I wish we were driving a little bit more rather than sitting around. I guess we have a last taste on Friday, then let’s see when we race actually. Let’s see what the weather does for us.

Q. Romain, when you first came to the series, I think you were not real keen on ovals. Where are you now? Why was it so daunting to turn left?

ROMAIN GROSJEAN: I came here after something that was pretty significant in my life and in my family’s and friends’ lives. The first year not doing ovals was a mark of respect to my family because ovals are dangerous. You can put it anywhere you want to put it, when you drive a car 230 miles an hour next to a wall, I have had two impacts here in the last two years. We do as much as we can in motorsports for safety, but they’re dangerous. Definitely on the high end out of that.

Out of respect, I think the first year was the right decision not to do them. As a competitor, I want to do them. I want to be here. I must admit that this week, even though qualifying we didn’t have the speed, which nothing you can do about as a driver, which is very, very annoying, qualifying is all an engineering race. It felt like in traffic the car has came alive over the last couple sessions, and I feel good.

I’m here doing the best we can for Juncos Hollinger Racing and myself. I think I’m very fortunate to be racing the Indy 500, and in a month’s time, I’ll be in Le Mans 24 Hours with Lamborghini in the Hypercar. On the résumé of a driver, that’s pretty bad ass.