The importance of sponsorship within NASCAR

NASCAR, one of the most watched and enjoyed sports in America, NASCAR has been home to racing fans for many years with over 75 million fans tuning in each year to see their favourite team race it out for the championship, it makes it one of the most popular sporting events around.

Having been around since the late 40’s, NASCAR has only grown in population since its introduction and only continues to grow. What makes NASCAR great is the relatability to its audience. The cars being driven are generally cars that would be available to the general public and not just something the rich could afford.

 This is only further backed by the racing sponsors, with companies that offer services such as live casino blackjack, beer and energy drinks, these all appeal to the general audience and fans in the crowd.

Within this article, we’ll be looking at the importance of sponsorship within NASCAR, how this affects the sport and what the most common sponsors are. So sit back, buckle in and have a read.

With the amount of fans NASCAR brings in each year, it’s not surprising how important the sponsors are to the sport. With over 75 million fans tuning in to watch the racing, it’s clear there’s a huge target audience for sponsors in the United States and around the world.

NASCAR has three different categories, the Cup series, the Xfinity Series and the Truck series. Each one bringing its own fan base based on the type of vehicles being used.  The Cup Series is the top tier of racing, using the most powerful cars ensuring fast paced, constant drama.

The Xfinity Series uses vehicles closer to the average car someone would have as their main car, however still getting close to 700bhp!

And finally you have the Truck Series, and possibly my favourite. Using the same concept as the other two, but instead of using cars, pick up trucks are used. There’s something incredible about a pick up truck being modified and tuned for racing around a track against other trucks.

Each category has and brings in it’s own fanbase, with people tending to follow the vehicle they most enjoy. Because of this, sponsors tailor which series to go into depending on the product.

Due to the amount of fans that watch each year, there’s a constant battle for sponsorship places both advertised on the cars themself, but also in places you might not think about such as the crew uniforms, billboards around the track and also adverts whilst in commercials on tv, the opportunities are endless.

Such companies as Coca Cola, Monster Energy and Firekeepers Casino are just to name a few who have taken steps into sponsoring NASCAR.

Coca Cola currently has four drivers, including current champion Joey Logano. Whilst this likely cost a hefty amount to sponsor, it’s no doubt worth it due the amount of people seeing their product.

Monster Energy has been a sponsor within NASCAR since 2017 and was the title sponsor for two years until 2019. Despite no longer being the title sponsor, it’s still seen sponsoring specific drivers and teams and can be seen advertised on billboards around the track and on the vehicles themselves.

Originally beginning in 2016, Firekeepers Casino have been sponsoring NASCAR for a number of years and in 2023, Firekeepers Casino became the name sponsor for NASCAR. The Casino and NASCAR have a great relationship and have been in partnership for a number of years.

Casinos and NASCAR tend to go hand in hand, as many fans enjoy placing wagers on their favourite drivers to win, they tend to also enjoy either going to their local casino or playing online casino games to try to win big, just like in NASCAR. Casino games can give you the exact same thrill of a last minute overtake and championship win, so it’s worth giving it a go!

NASCAR has been one of the most watched and enjoyed sporting events in the United States for generations, and there’s no sign of it slowing down any time soon. With fans turning up and watching on tv in the tens of millions, it’s clear to see why there’s so much competition when it comes to sponsorship and brands wanting to get their names wherever they can.

The longer NASCAR has gone on, the more financially lucrative it is for sponsors, and with interest and fan bases only increasing with each passing year, sponsorship deals are only going to get more and more lucrative.

Whether you’re a NASCAR fan or enjoy going to your local casino, there are things you’d enjoy about the other one due to how eventful each one is.

If you’re a fan of NASCAR, what’s your most memorable moment?