Telescope Revs up Consumer Engagement with Multiple NASCAR Integrations over 2013 Season

Telescope, the market leader in audience participation, consumer engagement, and mobile technology for live television, employed its social engagement platform, Connect, to power the Sprint Unlimited, NASCAR Hall of Fame voting, and Sprint Fan Vote campaigns.

Fans were able to log on to the application via their mobile, web, iOS, or Android device and vote for different elements to feature within the race. Votes were validated in real-time and revealed live through the Telescope audience engagement dashboard. Audiences voted for their preferred race format, number of pit stops, and the elimination format. It was the first time in NASCAR history that fans were able to decide the rules of any race. Fans were even able to choose what type of fire suit Miss Sprint Cup would wear when she presented the trophy to the race winner. To incentivize NASCAR app downloads, Telescope powered a double count technology for in-app voting – rewarding fans for app usage.

This race season also provided NASCAR another boost in audience engagement with the Telescope-powered Hall of Fame voting application. Over the course of the month-long campaign, viewers could log on, vote up to five times for their favorite racer, and watch in real time as the votes rolled in for their choices and those of fellow fans.

Similar to the Hall of Fame initiative was the Sprint All-Star campaign—also powered by Telescope—which saw fans log on to the Sprint-sponsored platform to vote for their favorite driver, with 76% of the votes originating from mobile devices. Fans were given a voice to decide which driver would be added to the lineup for the Sprint All-Star race, something which had never been allowed in years past.

“NASCAR features some of the most dedicated and passionate fans within the sporting world,” said Jason George, CEO of Telescope. “We wanted to enable NASCAR and their partners to better amplify that passion across digital mediums. Through use of our social tools and Connect platform, NASCAR increased fan activity across multiple social platforms, delivering earned media and increasing their social footprint.”

NASCAR and Telescope first began their partnership in 2013 and have since launched three campaigns, driving millions of fan interactions.

Beck Media PR