Mother’s Day Memory from Sam Bass

Sam Bass, renowned NASCAR artist and personality, takes time time to wish moms all over the world a “Happy Mother’s Day” through a tribute to his own mother.

“My mom is the greatest! I jokingly tell everyone that she was Martha Stewart before Martha was Martha Stewart, but it is true! I got my artistic abilities and have learned so many lessons from her. She can walk out into the woods behind our house, pick up a fallen tree branch, and with paint and ribbons, and turn it into a Better Homes and Gardens wall hanging /show piece in minutes! She has always crafted things around the house, or is always working and creating something decorative.”

Not only was she a source of creativity for the artist, she was and is an inspiration.  “It was so very inspiring to me growing up, not only her creativity, but her passion and dedication for what she did! She always motivated me to develop my artistic gift, saved and showed all of my early drawings and Hot Wheels that I painted up. She always supported me with every success, but most importantly, she has always been there to encourage me not to give up when there were disappointments along the way!”

“She divorced my Dad when I was seven and my brother was one, but she worked a full time job at a furniture store and provided everything for us. That’s why I have always celebrated her not only on Mother’s Day, but Father’s Day too…because she has been both! Of all my accomplishments, moving her to North Carolina from Virginia and buying her a home so she could be with and near us has been my biggest! I am so lucky to have a Mom like her!”

Truly down to earth, Sam is taking his mom to her favorite restaurant in the whole world this Sunday – Red Lobster.  Happy Mother’s Day to all the Sam Bass fans and community!

Girl Friday/Sam Bass PR