Bret Holmes Racing, Grindstaff Rub, and IBEW 309 Team Up at WWTR

Bret Holmes Racing, Grindstaff Rub, and IBEW 309 announce an exciting new partnership highlighting the local organizations in St Louis, Missouri region.  
Bret Holmes Racing is proud to announce the collaboration with two new partners, both local to the St. Luis area,  for the race at World Wide Technology Raceway (WWTR) on June, 3. This partnership is the first between Holmes, Grindstaff Rub, and IBEW 309.   This race marks the first time IBEW 309 has participated in a racing partnership, however, they are familiar with Gateway as they have been fortunate to be able to complete work at the track.  Jim Grindtaff has been a longtime supporter of the Truck Series and is looking forward to bringing his Trifecta of Rubs and Sauces to the fans in the St. Luis area. 
“IBEW 309 is excited about this new partnership with Bret Holmes,” said Chris Hankins Business Manager IBEW 309.  “For over 120 years the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW 309) has been protecting workers from unsafe working conditions and educating future workers through an apprenticeship program and eventually the electricity and electronics school.  We are excited to share the mission of IBEW with NASCAR Craftsman Truck fans and invite all workers belonging to our trade to come forward, join our ranks, and help increase our numbers until there shall be no one working at our trade outside of the brotherhood.”  Hankins continued “We are excited to watch Bret and the team wrangle World Wide Technology Raceway and wish them a successful race weekend!”
Jim Grindstaff is looking forward to a partnership with Bret Holmes Racing in 2023.  “I love racing and I love the Craftsman Truck Series,” Grindstaff said.  “The drivers are competitive and are all hungry for the next win, and Bret is right there in the thick of it with the rest of them. I am looking forward to an exciting race with Bret behind the wheel. 
The race at WWTR is circled on my calendar each year.  We have a lot of fun in the campground, meeting new people and introducing them to our products.  If you are camping at the track this weekend we will be sampling products and would love to see you.”
“I am really excited about Grindstaff Rub and IBEW 309 being on the truck this week at St Louis. Two new supporters coming on board will be very helpful to the team,” Holmes said.
“Our short track package has gotten very close to where we need to be.  At North Wilkesboro, we qualified well, matching our best qualifying effort of the season.  If we can get our race performance a little bit better I think we’ll do well. I had the opportunity to race at WWTR a couple of times in the ARCA Series and had good finishes of 10th and 6th.  The truck is different from back then with the downshifting and upshifting and a more competitive field, but I think those past experiences will offer us a bit of a notebook to work from. St Louis is a good place to race, and I am happy to have both a local company and a local Union behind us.  I am looking forward to putting a good race together for them.”