Matt Mills – XPEL 225 Race Recap

Matt Mills on Saturday’s Race at Circuit of the Americas: “It was for sure a learning day,” said Mills. “We didn’t feel like we had the exact speed we needed, but each lap we were getting faster and that’s on me learning the track and picking up on some of the situational things you don’t see as you do at ovals. Overall, it was a good day. We got what we could, and we were competing for the top-15 there at the end. I felt like I got a bump off the track through the esses at the end and ultimately got a penalty from that.”
Race Recap: Mills turned his first laps at Circuit of the Americas during Friday afternoon’s practice and qualifying session. Mills ended the afternoon with a 24th-place starting spot for Saturday’s race. Mills ran a clean race, learning the course and ticking off laps. As the laps wound down, Mills found himself competing for position inside the top-15, before a 30-second penalty at the end of the race left him with a 24th-place finish in the No. 42 J.F. Electric/Utilitra Chevrolet.

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