Transcripts: Ryan Blaney – Frontstretch Interview – Charlotte

Q. Ryan Blaney has waited a long 59 races, and tonight it’s the crown jewel. You win the Coca-Cola 600. Ryan, how did you hold off the competition, restart after restart, to get it done? (Chanting) I think they like you.

RYAN BLANEY: I might shed a tear. This has been a cool weekend. Obviously Memorial Day weekend means a lot, growing up here watching Dad run this race for a long time. It’s so cool just to be a part of it, let alone win it.

I just was able to get the lead on the race car, and that car was so good that I could kind of bide my time a little bit and then we were able to drive off. I was hoping no caution just because you never know.

I know we had the car to do it, but restarts can be crazy. I cannot thank Body Armor enough. It’s awesome we have their Cherry Lime Camo car here with Operation Home Front, Menard’s, Advanced Auto Parts, Worth, Ford. So many other partners that do so much for us, Dent Wizard and DEX Imaging.

You start to get to feel like you can’t win anymore when you don’t win in a while. It kind of gets hard. So just super thankful to the 12 guys for believing in me. Thank you guys for sticking around. Really appreciate it.