Monday, Jun 05

Transcript: Alex Bowman - Pit Road Interview - COTA

  1. Alex, you bring it home third. How difficult was this one today?

ALEX BOWMAN: It probably wouldn't have been that bad if my interior stuff worked. When this Coolshirt doesn't work, it just heat soaks, kind of cooks you. I'm hot. It stopped working pretty early. I don't have issues with stuff from Hendrick Motorsports very often.

Shout-out to all the guys back at the shop. This road crew, I'm not the greatest road course racer, so to come here and run top five again means a lot.

It was a hot day. Proud of the 45. A heck of a road course racer. Fastest car definitely won today. Wish our Ally Camaro was a couple spots better. All in all a good day for us.

  1. I saw you and Suarez have words afterwards. What were you saying?

ALEX BOWMAN: He just thought I drove in and tried to drive through him. I had the corner made. Only reason I was inside of the 99 was to protect from the 1. Then the 1 just hammered me in the corner, dumped me, then I ran into the 99, kind of cleaned him out.

Daniel and I, we've been teammates in the past, raced together a long time. I respect the hell out of him. I'm sure he's still not super happy. Just tried to explain that I wouldn't race him like that, that I was shoved in there.

You see that a lot at these road courses. Indy last year, Harvick was super mad at me and crashed me. Then he watched the video, and he was like, Man, I crashed the wrong guy.

Sometimes just it's a chain reaction. Fortunately, it worked out for us, ended up with a top five.



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